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The unlucky one

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 Approximately a week ago:

Jack looked at his own reflection in window of one of the Flagstaff houses and sighed. It has been only few days since someone trashed his workplace and since then he has been having some hard times.

As if out of a sudden nobody needed "talent scouts" anymore. "Maybe The Union could have some use for me" he thought as he crossed the street. Roar of the engine and screeching of tires disturbed his thoughts

suddenly as he spotted a brown car driving fast straight at him. His reflexes kicked in immediately as he jumped to the side, barely avoiding the car. But he did not expect driver to open the door

along the way, impact knocking him off his feet with quite a force. He hit his head as he hit the ground, sudden dizzy feeling robbing him of consciousness. Last thing he saw with a blurred vision was said

car reversing back to him, trunk being opened from the inside.


After few hours Jack woke up in a dark room, tied to a steel chair. The only light coming from lamp pointed directly at him. At least that much he could see with an old rag wrapped around his face.

"Aunt Lucy, name rings any bells?" Stern female voice asked.

"I don't know who that is" Jack answered quickly, instinctively covering his former employer.

Suddenly he felt pressure on his chest, making him fall on his back again.

"You worked for her. She's gone and i want to know where to" the woman asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Jack answered again raising his voice.

"Have you ever drowned?"  That next question confused Jack quite a bit.

"Wha..?" He barked in frustration, but stream of stale water flowing through the rag cut him off. Under the waterflow the rag pressed against his nose and mouth, robbing him of breathable air.  A short moment later the watter stopped and the cloth was lifted from his mouth and nose, covering only eyes.

"You'd be better of telling me what i want to know, or i'll have to get someone who actually enjoys doing this kind of stuff." The woman's voice has taken a bit more friendly tone now.

"Alright, alright! I worked for her, okay? I don't know much but i'll tell you what i can" Jack replied hurriedly. He was loyal to everyone who had him on their payroll, but former employers weren't worth this kind of trouble.

"You'll tell me everything, or you'll end up as a practice target" With that Jack's captor lifted him back up and removed cloth from his face. All he could notice was black armor, as the direct light from the lamp blinded him as soon as he opened his eyes.


Two hours later:

Reavy pulled the unconscious man out of the trunk of her car and left him laying near the trash bins behind bar in New Flagstaff. Getting back in the car she slowly drove off, pulling out small paper with names of several locations while driving, she crossed out Blaine and underlined Diesel town and Banker's Hole. Putting paper back into one of her pouches she said silently to herself "One step closer... hopefully"


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((Ahhhhh... Reavy doing what Reavy does best. I feel quite nostalgic. :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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