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Trickster on the Pavement

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/https://youtu.be/nv9RcYhWb1o turned into/finality////////////////memory turned into a bird. see uuu BLAYZE before early dust/ reading interface/ see uuu BLAYZE before early dust ........../Tears TO love u.coffins for Kiddos early morn /to be done S/r eyesROLLin IN,,, all in the danceYummy??like wind INTo. reading/../And back to u.29 thats fine.if you need a fiend today. T/sROLLin IN me... mind in out//chotie all in the dance/ MELLOANa none anymore./IN me/emdOWN none anymore/ attract u Tears/ to be done,ole count down; burning Tis back;/wasu talk sooo oh son, /e buried machine leave comments on one in ten writtenFOunD VROoom toon, attract u/she do on the pole aGothic haunt on haunches ha ha halfway almost mybe amost Ill GO laugh.ah OASIS blinks their/diersHear the crazies/Swell ,snatch/FRAME awaitng u rotten fuckers........Noths point,'' Iwant it.BAd HEAR?I wanther. iLOVE;IWANTHER heretoFuck sucktofuck,fucksound Ill take em in. My ear to relive every ... The Fuckin act to storage to bliss to piss down, drown in its spiralsbliss his outside Wasteland BiGGer toonKaL DRAW a toothy tongue wad wide as the spit Kail Spize Yeah, your Spyz u West'' Like sixty ounces here pounch her. Noth needs water Here hear play with their screens in there Noth points to their Four on the floor, all those tiny muffled screams down the passevery FlinG down off her laquered finger tips like blood to soon flingem off your imMaculate finger tips Noths Point his chromo-enhanced double ILL go Laugh, [OC] ha ha ha half way almost, maybe whisperin in the dark authentic oc Trickster on the pavement just drove over.../https://youtu.be/7KhdrGJIasM// /x. red x marks the spot on the forehead.mark TOO 2 to go nothere and dave telepathic twin or shadow SPIES out of the corner among the shadows of ur YUBBaDUBBA shrouds urmind in stars down ward horney friggin sex SHOW me remember YUBBaDUBBA DAbahsdo leans to just find her fuck her grind hear? 10:22 AM 9/26/2017 in indisgest indigest/undigested Random chrome insad chrome oxide bubble ...start the painting ....black ziggers like red ants////AND IF THEY HAVE NOT DIED

I am yours, otherwise it escapes and
wipes us into death. Sing, burn
Sun, don’t die, sing, turn and
born, to turn and into Nothing is
never. The gone creates sense - or
not died have they and when
and when dead - they are not. https://youtu.be/p-W6k_jpcuk white mansion black holes om less obvious think ways to say slow way slink around think return another day stare into bones and claws any other day I need to sleep so insubstanial the wind like the wires Carry HIM SUSTANIAL all to om buried out backkkkkkk diggers triggers clue to sing sing scatter em om On a long drive picturesque If only... oc ic out of into character players on out of character chatterin on the chats in Other place each to their own homes ''"""""tell me everything Right or WRONG against me so All hey Joe hum hum sit atop the broadcast wires BLAYZe Goes on and on So SLEEp so substance substanial nero in a hovel out back nion neon green haze

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