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Trader's Flat Rumble

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It was early morning at the Trader's Flat market. Various traders were still unloading their wares with two traveller wiseguys already standing at the corner, drinking their coffee and looking around. Soon they engaged in conversation, complaining about a boring work they have protecting the traders, which was disrupted only when they heard sounds of gunfire coming from the north. Soon after, armed Outsider jeep driven quite fast past them followed by a fireteam on foot. Soon after they noticed a smoke rising above the buildings to the north. 


"What the hell is going on?" One of them said without much interest,

"Probably some junkie idiot tried to rob the garage, unloading his machinegun when Ricardez started waving that shotgun of his around" The other replied rather amused

"Who would be stupid enough to rob this close to Out..." Wiseguy stopped mid sentence as sound of V10 engine in high rev coupled with screaming of traders took his attention. 


All he saw was carnage as he turned his head, a truck driving through the trader stands and tents, crushing them under its wheels. As the truck drove through the market without a stop, both Travellers realized all this destruction was intentonial and not just a case of drunk driving. They opened fire at the driver as the truck rolled past them, noticing the blue Phoenix armor helmet on the driver. The attacker passed couple of shocked townsfolk, missing them narrowly before making a turn straight into the building housing the businesses, crashing through the shop window of the first shop and into internal walls throught the liquor store straight into the catering place. A moment after, the driver of the truck started getting out, kicking into the damaged cabin door until they opened. Two travellers were at the scene sooner than expected, seeing heavily armed attacker getting out they did not hesitate to start shooting.

Four quickly fired pistol rounds and a shotgun blast sent the driver falling from the cabin straight on the floor. Holding their right leg, the attacker moaned in pain as some of the buckshot pellets made their way through the weaker spots in the armor. Even though some of the shots were apparently deflected by the armor into the wall and ceiling, both travellers were confident they got the troublemaker. Shotgun bearing wiseguy approached the attacker, barrel aimed at her neck, ready to put a shot between the chestplate and the helmet. 

As he gotten close enough he reached to remove attackers helmet, holding the shotgun in half assed stance. At that moment, female voice muffled by what seemed to be extreme pain spoke to him through the helmet mask. 

"Stop" she barked at him.

Wiseguy grabbed onto the helmet, trying to pull it up confident his oponent was too wounded to resist.

"Why would i?" he asked with a smirk as his colleague also stared moving up, not liking how the shotgun bearing wiseguy stood between him and the attacker.

"Hammertime" she said as she raised her head up to get on his eyelevel, her voice suddenly calm as she stopped faking the pain. Shotgun barrel pressed against her skin slid off her neck and into the ground as she moved. At the same moment her right hand shifted from covering pretended wound on her leg onto the thigh holster of her Mac-10 submachinegun. Wiseguy let go of the helmet, trying to aim the shotgun at the neck again but her left hand grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him too close for that. Raising her knee between her and the wiseguy she held onto, woman pulled the trigger not even bothering to remove the weapon from the holster. Short "brrt" sounded through ruined store followed by spray of blood out of wiseguys back as .45 bullets ripped his organs, two of them making it straight through his body.

The other traveller immediately opened fire with his pistol, unloading remaining 6 rounds rounds into the armored woman. Or so he thought, as most of the bullets hit his now dead friend. One of them made it through the body but gotten stuck in the phoenix armor plate. Panic struck him as his gun "clicked" empty. Another "brrt" sound ringed through wrecked stores and the second wiseguy fell to the ground, bullets riddling his legs. 

The attacker pushed the dead traveller off of herself and slowly rose to her feet, finally pulling the gun out of the holster. Her left hand reached to the belt, taking a grenade marked with red stripe off the belt and pulling the pin out with her thumb. 

"Old ladies are bad for business" she said while looking at him and tossed the grenade through the hole in a wall into the liquor store. Following explosion was fairly small, but managed to light all the spilled alcohol on fire and the wounded traveller crawled outside as fast as he could before the flames engulfed adjacent shops.


At that moment, three more travellers were rushing to the shop, but stopped on the corner as they saw Outsider fireteam moving towards the building. Outsider jeep, seen first leaving the town for garage returned in the same moment. The attacker was still behind the truck and out of the fireteams view, but the jeep gunner arriving from the other side immediately opened fire upon seeing the armored figure standing amidst the carnage. Bullets whizzed past her as she retreated to the backroom of the shop, emptying her smg in general direction of the jeep and then dropping it to the ground. Pulling out shotgun from the holster on her back she fired two shots at the backdoor lock and let herself out, with machinegun bullets ripping through the walls all around her.

"AP ammo... they really don't fuck around" she thought as she moved towards the green, slightly rusted interceptor parked right behind the building. Using quite large key she opened cars door, the lock looking as if it was redesigned to allow fast unlocking even in rather cumbersome phoenix gauntlets. Starting up the engine on the first try, the woman hit the gas pedal trying to escape. As soon as the car started started to move, two outsiders made their way around the building showing up at the corner in front of the car, opening fire. The attacker ducked behind the steering wheel, driving the car straight at the Outsiders, who managed to get out of its way right in time. Their training kicked in and instead of panicking they immediately turned around and continued to fire at the car in controlled bursts untill it got out of their sight, making a sharp turn into one of the backalleys. Outsider jeep rumbled past them mere seconds later, giving chase to the fleeing car.


Guards at the the gate were notified of the pursuit, but had no time to block the road so they just fired at the car as it moved through. Bullets made their way through car body, most of them stopping in the armored seats, or loosing power after penetrating reinforced door. It was a miracle none of them burst the tires yet. Even with these precautions, few of the rounds found their way to the driver. But the pheonix armor held true to its reputation. While restricting movement more than the coresuits and offering less protection than the latest Stage 3 armor, the phoenix plating was still extremely tough, ressisting the stray 5.56mm rounds of outsider assault rifles, especially as they hit on extreme angles. Though that was not the case when faced with pivot mounted machinegun on the roof of outsider jeep. 


The interceptor tore through the gate, speeding away on the straight road followed by Outsider car, its engine screaming as the squad of motorized guards refused to let the assailant escape. Heavy machinegun thundered from behind as the interceptor weaved from left to right trying to avoid the gunfire. When the jeep hit the decent patch of road, its fire gotten much more accurate. Even then the driver stopped, realizing the jeep can't catch up with much faster car. The gunner gotten frustrated, switching from short bursts to continuous fire, adjusting his aim according to where the tracer rounds landed. The interceptor gained even more distance, reaching the top of the hill ahead. Only a hundred more meters were needed to get out of the gunners sights. The gunner himself kept firing more due to his anger as he did not expect to hit at the distance with barrel of his machinegun heating up. As the pursued car reached the escape point it suddenly turned to the left, crashing into the powerline pole and smoke started raising from the wreckage.


Reavy took off her helmet and slowly open her eyes, coughing up blood as she tried to breathe. She rested her head on the steering wheel, looking downards on the suspicious beg she pulled out from under her seat. With her remaining strenght, she pulled the cord out of the bag and closed her eyes again.


The outsider jeep pulled up few meters away from the car, machinegunner still aimiming at at it as rest of the team disembarked, aiming their rifles. As first of them made a step towards the interceptor, the car exploded, tearing the roof off. Already leaking fuel tank ruptured immediately, engulfing the wreck in flames...



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((Sigh. When will people learn? Killing Reavy only pisses her off. Great read with my coffee hun :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((  Shopping... Reavy style...    huyyy..   Just wait until she gets home,,,  

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((I am unable to decide whether I had more fun in rp with Reavy as an ally or adversary. Your rare posts are always a treat.

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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