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time again

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nikki was sitting outside today, it was raining again in the kaibab forest. she was at the respotory for mail pick up plus she did not want to be down in sector 1 or 2 today she was tried of seeing the same landscape. nikki was not here to talk and was keeping that to a low for the next few months. it was her season again, and she had told chian this time around she would try sleeping with less people even if it made it hard for her to walk or think straight with her mind just swirling with the thoughts of what she could do woth almost any man pr woman she met. nikki hated the fact she was given this curse to her body havinbg no idea why she had it, or what made her this way. was it her cat part? was it a glitch in her collar? was it an accident add on, or was she blue printed off a hooker clone? no matter who she asked she got the same answer. she only knew this season last from spring till end of summer. atleast she got her mail while she thought of this, and the package was just what she wanted. a dimple set of blankets to leep her warm but mostly busy so she wont break ehat she told chain. after all nikki never like to lie to him nor did she like getting in trouble, but then again she was already in. trouble again woth him, but she rather not think aboit that and just find a place to stay the night and cook her some bear meat instead of eating crab and chicken like she had for basicly the last 5 months in sectpr 1. would be a nice change for once in her life. she found a place settle and crawled under her blankets and watched the other people walking around from the window. they may give her funny looks and say things about her, but atleast she was trying to keep herself cool till this seasons end. if she could last that long, or find a boy pr girlfriend. after nikki was never a picky person most of the time eating what she could or hanging around who ever did not look at her funny or say things like "fuck off you abonation". so that would close pit the day for this part of the week. maybe tomorrow will yeils something more to her. maybe some work maybe some expolring.


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((watch out for the panthers :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((hugs on da kitty

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