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For those who remember Rowdy Warpath

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I haven't post here for ages, and I'm not coming for good news. 

Rowdy has passed away, less than 2 weeks ago.





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((I did not know her but I mourn any loss of life and particularly those who have gained and given so much from the gaming community.

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((I didn't play actively here while she did. But like Joe stated, I mourn the loss of life and a kindred gamer and writer like many of us here.

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((  so young... very sad.

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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(( Thank you for sharing the news, although sad.

We need LifeNet. ))

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((I struggled with whether I should post this myself, since most left here do not know her, or how awesome she was. She kept FE RP alive for a long time before most of you came here, so in a way you can thank her. I'm not going to get too deep on a public site about a personal friend but she will be missed by all of us. Those of you that never experienced rp with Tee VanCleef, Angeleyes Daisakka, Rowdy Warpath or any of her other chars missed out, this I promise. From her Rowdy's Bunker Bar party every week that she DJ'd herself, to the many rp storylines that she was involved in, those of us that met her in this game 8 years ago will never forget her. RIP Tonya. ( And as a nice, new punch in the face, it doesn't appear that my sig works here anymore. She made it.)

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<3 <3 <3 <3

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(( So sorry to see this.  My sympaties are with those others that knew her personally.  The Bunker bar, and RPing in and around New Flagstaff will always be a fond memory in my life.

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(( Came to the site looking for a particular story and see this. My throat closed up a bit and I couldnt breathe for a moment, just went out back and had a little cry.

I remember Rowdy the most, her sweet voice coming in through my headphones and how I worked hard to attend every single show she did in the Flagstaff Bar until she couldnt run the shows any more.
She was the only DJ that ever worked with me to present an entire show just of music Ardenn liked, and invited evryone to hang out.
I still remember that the first RP group I saw in Fallen Earth (way before I encoutnered The Ride) was when I went to the Earth Day festival and the badgers were wandering around.
Someone gave Ardenn fried chicken and he's been obsessed with cooking for people ever since. Legit would've been a totally different persont oday if I hadnt met Rowdy and the crew.

I dont know what else to say. Im sad her light has been snuffed. ))

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This is heartbreaking news.

Was at one of her parties that I really started rping. I was just there with nufan and misbee to keep heretics occupied but I was drawn to her music and awesome vitality.

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Like it say .. is a big shock to me to read this .I knew her mostly in AOC,SWL an briefly here,an sh wasa great artist RPer an helpful person .Cry Frown and  a freind untill lost touch with her.

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Love you, T.

Give Mani a power hug for me. See you girls soon.


-shea (Devon)

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