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Surprise, everything went according to plan

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"Tea please."

I can see barman's astonishment when an orkish-looking brute ordered something other than brain fumes or whiskey or some manly drink that makes your throat rot and your liver squeal. But I can afford to relax a bit and nothing hits the spot better than some Sage tea. My buggy is parked outside, an old lady. She is barely held together by duct tape and emergency repairs on the go. I reckon that all the scrap wire and duct tape weight more than what's left of her corroded frame. But she rides well and guzzles a ton of gasoline. It's good I have these gas tickets as part of my job. One day someone will go through the books and notice the worst petrol salesman in Oilville and fire him. Or set fire to him. Hell, they might even send a Cleaner after me to make a point.

But dealing with backlash is a thing that belongs to the future. Right now I am here, sipping warm water with sage leaves swimming in it like blurred little fishes, coloring the liquid a rare hue of brown. The color of her hair...

Moments pass by and I still can't evade this sticky feeling of just being content for a change. Everything... and I mean everything went according to plan for once. I am still waiting for something to go wrong but nothing is happening. For once I have made it and the feeling is... unlike anything I have ever felt. I feel calm.

Now the only thing left is to find the little child. She is probably down south, spewed out fresh from the cloner in some backwater town like Boneclaw, Midway, South Burb... Maybe she has some brain damage. Maybe she wants revenge or something. You never really know how clones will react. They are a tragic mob. 

Maybe she is happy? After all, everything went according to plan. Going through a major reset shouldn't come too hard for the little clone. There might be a scuffle with her possessive friends but... to hell with them! I've been stalked and threatened and I still decided to go with this 'cause it was well worth it. I was amazed how much energy and resources go into these shortsighted family affairs. But I made it. We made it. Sleek like an oiled snake we made through it all and after I find the girl I will go to the listening post south of Credit Bend and analyze the radio transmission the child has sent me. Hopefully we will confirm my suspicion and something really is out there, behind the walls and radiation zones.

I feel like I've just sent a child to the Moon. 











Now let's see if she made it back.


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Canni sat on the makeshift catwalk linking the roofs of two buildings, again in lifenet clothing and generic pellet gun they hand out to new clones.

"It's all fake and lies" She said to herself repeatedly.

Her empty stomach heaved, causing the urge to vomit but without results due to a tier three cloning sickness.  Things had not gone well since her journey into the deceptive scenerio Lifenet laid out for the podlings that didn't know any better.

The first death came while she was starting to eat some brown bread from a pull top can she had been given as a first meal, but someone she never got a look at clubbed her over the head with a pipe for the coveted morsel.

A kindly shopkeeper gave her a small can of beans so thinking to find a safe place she began climbing what had been a familar route up buildings, using tilted boards and leaping across gaps.  Instead she fell from an often made jump and broke her neck.

With the pellet gun in hand the waif started down the road out of town but instead of the unending energy she had always known came fatigue and cramps so she tried to make a camp but had nothing to strike up a fire with.  A large comodo lizard was heard rustling around and the girl thought to herself ... meat.

She fired away .. none of the metal projectiles hit the creature even with its close proximity and she ended up the one who was dined upon.

Trapped in a town full of half crazed and confused new clones and beasts she could not handle just outside of it, she managed to get to a higher perch by ripping rags and tying boards together to make a crude ladder that would have crumbled if she was five pounds heavier.

Disbelief and self pity was all that filled her belly now.  She couldn't shoot nor jump and climb.  Weakness and failure replaced the thin yet strong and sturdy limbs and uncanny accuracy with a gun that she was widely known for.

"I can't do anything" She half sobbed to herself while fighting back tears that were determinbed to flow.

As she wallowed, words spoken to her right before she entered the forbidden area entered her mind.

"All you will have there is what is inside your mind."

Somehow this was comforting although just a little and in her mind she saw the diagram of the simple emitter that the bald man had shown her in the booklette as plain as if she were looking directly at it.

"I gotta make it again and call for help" She said to herself.

The rowdy noise of the new clones, drunk from cheap and probably toxic liquor made her chest tighten with fear and she scrambled to find a safer place till things quieted down.

(( Link to the ingenious yet simple device provided her by Papi))


One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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