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Supply Run (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)

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[[ OK just a quick start - Hope you enjoy ]]

Abyss cautiously approached the facility, scanning the area constantly.  He had traveled to Radberg, on a supply run.  The area was usually ripe with random metals, as long as you dealt with the Rotters. 
Today everything changed when he arrived.  Something had spooked Big Brother, his Alpha Blight Wolf mount.  Whatever it was had set Abyss on edge as well.  A few random Rotters could be found as you traveled the road. And a small group was usually gathered in the courtyard. 

Abyss could see none anywhere. 

The wind carried the scent of a few nearby, but none were to be seen.  It was as if they were hiding from him.  Abyss creeped closer to the nearby buildings as he picked up a sound and followed it.   Turning the corner he final spied a Rotter, but stop in his tracts when he realized what it was doing.  Amazingly the normally brainless beast was pulling a bar loose from the pile of scrap.

A low growl rumbled from Abyss as his primal instincts went into overdrive.  The Rotter turned and looked directly at him.  With a roar that was part anger and part fear Abyss hurled the spear in his hand hitting the living nightmare in the eye and pinning it to the wall beyond.

Turning back to leave, the sight of two more Rotters crawling free from covered holes at the edge of the road stopped him.  “What the fuck?” Abyss growled to himself. 

A sudden wet sucking sound caused him to glance back.  The Rotter was looking at him again with its remaining eye and walking forward.  The spear being pulled through its skull made a wet sucking noise as it slid through.  This sealed Abyss’s suspicions. 

Something had changed, and the Hunter was now the hunted. 


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(( Oh very nice... Yes, things are going well... Okay, not for US, but damn that was a great reaction. ))

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(( Love it

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