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For years, this site has been a real heaven for me to express how I feel, and not just about the Fallen Earth game. There are poets here, and artists, and 3D modellers recently. What a fantastic place! I think there is a lot of experience shared in this forum, not just about art and writing, but about communicating with others even if you don't speak the same language. 

All this sounds corny, but that's how I feel and I'm not afraid to show it.

And the little seeds have started to sprout. I've published my second novel. Wait a minute... where is the first one? The first one was an SF novel I did for a game called Space Engineers. The creators of the game acknowledged it, and now it's a semi-official thing. Cool stuff. That novel is a little bit boring in my opinion, but it was my first full-sized novel. The thing is - if I was too scared to fail, I would never have written it at all. But I wasn't scared, because of this site. Writing here gave me confidence. So... thank you everyone. A special thanks must go to Reaper, for persevering and allowing us to build our castles made of sand in his backyard. THANK YOU.

The second novel, the one that I published just now is for you guys. I made sure to put my thanks to all of you in the afterword. 

Four Zero Four is a cyberpunk novel, short and raw. It is worthy of your time and it is written in a style similar to the other stories I've written here. I've done all the artwork as well. 


Here is a link for the Four Zero Four on Amazon >>   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073QJ1LW8

Here is a link for the other book, an SF one titled Janitors of the Late Space Age >> https://www.amazon.com/Janitors-Late-Space-Age-Engineers-ebook/dp/B072RJ...

if there is no Amazon at the place where you currently live or you encounter any problems send me a message and I'll give you a PDF or whatever you need. Please don't be shy to share the information about this release, post reviews and such. It is appreciated, but I am not asking for false reviews, it doesn't help in the long run. I just hope you will like it.


If you are interested in the publishing process in general, let me know and I can share what I've learned. It's not too difficult.

Once more, I give my thanks to all of you inspired and inspiring people.



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Brilliant!  The blurb on Amazon was good but, ...any chance of a teaser?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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But of course! Here is a random sub-chapter. I hope it will make some sense:



This place. It’s the furthest you can get away from the City. Right here, smack dab in the middle of it, in the eye of the urban storm, sprawls the Waterfront District: an ambitious, half-finished land reclamation project. Once inside, you can peek over the graffiti-mottled construction walls and there’d be just more of the City in every direction, but at least here you can find some relief. The whole area smells of dusty, sun-bleached concrete blocks and blood-like rust. And crushed hopes. You are in the Waterfront only if you have nowhere else to go.

The sun is getting in my eyes. Living in the basement, I’m not used to it, but Cody insisted that we begin our search during daytime. He says he knows this rundown place. Him being a celebrity, I imagined his connections would be with the hot-shot video producers and marketing schmucks, downtown. I knew Cody was high up on the social ladder, but I guess I didn’t know much about how he got there.

He spent some time in Starkville juvenile correctional facility, everybody knows that. I forgot the reason why. Of course, it could be just a fabricated bad boy backstory, but it seems that being in jail and off the streets for a while actually saved his life. Apparently, the last few weeks of the Third Skate War were so bloody that most of the other top skaters perished, leaving no heirs. So when I look at Cody, dressed in his Pocari Sweat branded tee and Paperthin designer skater pants, I see only what’s put up on display. It doesn’t help that he speaks in an over-simplistic, perma-excited manner, like he never had a proper childhood, fast-forwarding through it straight to teen mentality. And now he seems to be stuck there.

I never really understood what happened in all those Skate Wars. It struck me as a desperate cry for something fresh, pure and primal, as opposed to all the invasive technology. There were three wars, crammed in a single year, but after the bloodbath that was the Third Skate War, everybody agreed that there would be no more. Things went fast from cool and hip into something entirely different. For a while though, the flower of chivalry blossomed in the most unlikely of places – with these unruly street kids.

With the dedication of a real otaku, Cody went all the way to earn the hard-core title of a skate knight. He didn’t expect to survive the wars, and now he is left to deal with an unwanted celebrity status and product endorsement deals in this strange afterlife he is living.

“Cody, why are we here so early? I hate the sun.”

“Akai wanted to bring you here for a reason, dude. You think she was into you?”

“Errr... no.“

“Exactly, dude.  So either she thought that you’re Jinny’s stalker and wanted you here to make you disappear – or she trusted you, and we’re on the right track.”

He is right. Under our feet, grass is clawing its way out from the cracks in the pavement, fighting a losing battle with the dead skyscrapers for a little bit of sunshine. A few years ago, megatons of concrete were poured into the ocean in a bid to make more room for the ever-expanding City. Before basic infrastructure was implemented though, hackers leaked official documents, revealing that the cost of the project is spiraling out of control. Investors chickened out of the whole deal, leaving a tangled legal mess behind, with no solution in sight. Hackers and punks declared victory in their battle against whatever they were fighting, and moved into the area, claiming the district as their own. It was not the safest of places that you could be at night.

We’re walking down the wharf with hands in our pockets, inhaling the humid, salty air. Cody’s carrying that pink skateboard under his arm. I’ve never actually seen him set his foot on it. The sea is dark, calm and dirty, and I can see massive tankers on the horizon. It’s warm and sunny, but my head feels two sizes too big, after that bout with the Korean duo.

“What are those scratch marks on your skateboard, Cody? I’m not too familiar with the skater heraldry.”

“This? Oh, it’s the number of historic duels I’ve won.”

“You mean like a competition, a dance-off?”

“No. Nothing like that. C’mon, we’re here.”

Here was the glorious main avenue of the Waterfront, minus the ‘glorious’ part. And minus the city lights, people, cars, asphalt, sidewalks, shops and pets. But a skeletal row of unfinished high-rise buildings on each side offered a glimpse into what it could have been, if only that pesky reality didn’t kick it in the balls. Seagulls, vagrants, junkies and squatters made the hollow towers their home now. The view must be magnificent, but the place was thoroughly run-down and vandalized.

“Ok, Cody, how do we do this? I feel kinda blind in this place.”

“There’s a legendary unfinished swimming pool on top of that tower.”

“A swimming pool?”

“Yeah, dude.”


“So?! Imagine doing an effortless Gymnast plant in an empty swimming pool on top of a skyscraper, with the ocean and the City all howling around you, dude! We’re bound to find some classic skaters there and ask them for directions.”

“Will I fit in?”


Cody looks at me, scrutinizing my geeky outfit and swollen head plastered with band-aids. He just smiles and nods.

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((Yes, I can breath that air and smell the salt... amonst other things. TY.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( Good luck with your book Engel, Best wishes xx

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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There is always* a vacancy on my bookshelf for quality content from quality writers.


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I'm about halfway through the book now. I've never read a Cyberpunk book before but this one has me intrigued, if anyone is having doubts about picking it up I recommend you give it a shot. I've been reading it during down time at work and find it hard to resume responsibilities once I open the book up.

Great work, Engel.


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Thank you Petyr. I guess Cyberpunk is many different things but in essence it is about this: Technological advancement alone will not be able to solve all the problems of humanity.

You might have heard the cyberpunk catchphrase: High-tech, low-life.


I am glad you like it. I am preparing the book for a proper launch in about a month and I've shared the novel for people to review it before that time. Damn, I should have made the book free for first-readers, but I am still new to publishing and I'm learning along the way.

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Same here, I'm about halfway through it too, and so far I'd recommend it as well. I find the story very intriguing. Quite the page turning. =)

In the land of Gods and Monsters I was an Angel, living in the Garden of Evil.

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Thanks Betty! I'm crossing my fingers that you enjoy the whole ride.

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Oooh flashy! This is a huge success! Writing a book does take fearlessness, provided by a great deal of motivation and care, both on behalf of the writer and otherwise. If this is where you found it, then I'm glad and proud to be part of it.

A ferp-like story resembling Shadowrun? Don't mind if I do. A book inspired by building in space? Dibs. Good work!

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