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'Are you sure?' Luka asked walking around the rock on which Veronica sat.

'Yes,' Veronica replied. 'The mechanic said on the radio that he will send someone.'

Luka stopped walking and looked at the buggy. Silent and still. 'Perhaps you could try it again?' he suggested.

'We have tried it four time already,' Veronica said. 'Something is wrong, it needs the Mechanic to examine it.'

'Did you check the fuel?' Luka asked.

'It is electric,' Veronica said. 'Battery not fuel.'

Luka started walking around the rock again. 'How will they know where we are?' He asked anxiously.

'I told them!' Veronica said. 'By the big rock.'

'By the big rock?' Luka exclaimed stopping again and looking at Veronica. 'By the BIG rock? How will they know which big rock to go to? This place is filled with big rocks!'

'They will find it,' Veronica said with confidence. 'Why so worried?'

'I have an appointment tonight,' Luka mumbled.

'Oh...' Veronica said. 'With your Vista girlfriend from the shop opposite the lab.'

'She is not my girlfriend,' Luka said not so convincingly. 'Just a friend.'

'You seem to see her often, sometime all night,' Veronica said.

'I do not!'

'And why do you always use your best shampoo before you go to visit her?'

'I do not!'

'There also was your cactus injury...'

'I... I... I tripped.'

'On to a cactus?'


Veronica smiled. Luka frowned and started walking around again.

'Relax Luka! Sit on the rock.' Veronica pointed to a basket nearby. 'Have some food. There is bread and honey, apples and water.' Luka sighed, walked to the basket, pulled a piece of bread from a loaf, put some honey on it and went and sat on the rock. He took a small bite of bread, chewed and looked at the bread as if looking for answers.

'I can tell you a joke.' Veronica said.

Luka sighed again.

'There are a Vista and Chota who go into a bar and... oh and there is a Tech. They go into a bar and four drinks order. When the barman asks why four drinks the Chota says... or was it the Tech... no, the Chota says.. wait did I say there is also a Vista? Yes, i think so. Well the Vista says, no i mean the Chota says.. says... oh what does he say? I forget.'

Luka sighed again.

'Let us play the game you know!' Veronica said excitedly.

'What game?'

'The I-see-something-beginning-with-something game.'

'You go first.'

'What? Oh..okay.. I see something beginning with V'

'Hmm... What could it be?'

'Are you serious?'

'Of course! I am thinking! Hmm... V... V...'



'Nevermind. Your turn.'

'Okay... hmm... let me think. I know! I see something begining with B'

'B...okay. Is it..? Buggy?'




'Okay... hmm... it is not Big rock is it?'

'No, that is silly.'

'Okay.. i do not know. What is it?'




'But you said something begining with B.'

'Honey always starts with a bee.'

Luka sighed again 'No, you have to say the... oh nevermind.'

Silence again.

After a few minutes of their own thoughts Veronica spoke again. 'Did you mean veery big rock?'

'What? No, i told you.'

'What was it?'

'Did you not listen? No. You do not.'

'What do you mean?'

Luka glanced to the buggy and sighed loudly. 'Everytime.'

'It is not my fault the buggy needs repair.'

'Everytime. Chaos.'


'Yes chaos. Like the shirts and your labmade detergent.'

'I cleaned your shirts.'

'My white shirts.'


'After cleaning they were purple!'

'No. Well, yes. I did not know that would happen.'

'Your cleaned them with your clothes. Of course they go purple!'

'I tried to make them white again.'

'Yes, with that powerful bleach.'

'Yes, it worked., They became white again.'

'Yes.' Luka jumped off the rock and turned toward Veronica. 'But the sleeves FELL OFF!'

'I did not know that would happen.'

Luka threw the remain of the piece of the bread in his hand. Something in the grass quickly hurried to it. 'What about the shampoo incident?'

'What shampoo incident?'

'The glue shampoo.'

'That was not my fault. Why did you put it on your head?'

'Because you left your strong adhesive next to my shampoo in the bathroom!' Luka snapped. 'My hair was a mess after!'

'Well,' Veronica said voice shaking a little. 'You had a hat to hide the hair.'


'PERHAPS, YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR HATS' Veronica shouted back. 'Anyway, what of you? My corner?'

'What of the corner?

'You have made it smaller!'

'It is not smaller.'

'Yes it is. You have put more things into the room.'

'What? It is the storeroom.'

'But i pay you the rent to use the Lab and for the corner to sleep. My corner.'

'It is not smaller.'

'Yes it is.'

'No it is not.'





Suddenly engine noise was heard above the shouting. Both Veronica and Luka became silent and turned around. A buggy drove to them and stopped. The mechanic jumped out. 'Sorry i am late,' he said with a smile. 'You will be amazed how many big rocks there are on the way here. Very big rocks.'



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Poor Luka is not the only one to have to deal with VV's laundering skills.  Sharky's hoodie will never be the same. 

But the real question posed by the story...why was Luka outside the lab??

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Thank you V V ! Not just a read with my coffee but a lot of smiling too! You know, I think if Veronica and Tuki were locked in a room together for an hour... only one would survive.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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