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Strange, But Delicious

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(Not IC. Didn't happen. Just a story. It's like a paralel universe where parallel is spelled wrong and stuff, or something like that. Just read.)


Petyr straightened his tie as he walked out of the little restaurant with a plastic bag full of brown bags and packets of what appeared to be black water. It was indeed a busy one, the little restaurant in this large city. He hated Los Alamos...

--An Hour Later-- 

He walked into his house, removing the mask, throwing it clumsily to the floor and kicking off his fancy, polished shoes. He still had the plastic bag in his hand, crinkling as he walked in. Raliegh ran from the kitchen to greet him as he closed the door, her tail wagging and ears pricked. A few years old but still large as a Shepherd. He wondered what kind of dog she really was and for the millionth time tried to figure it out.
Shrugging he slowly walked into the kitchen, Raliegh following loyally behind him, unbuttoning his suit. He shuffled his way into the doorway and turned to his left, up to the counter.

Petyr looked down at Raliegh and smiled, saying in a playful tone to her
"Let's see what we have here, huh? I think we shall. Be a good girl and I may let you have some."
He opened the plastic bag and reached in, pulling out the brown paper bag with some weird symbols and writing he didn't understand. But it didn't bother him, it smelled delicious. Opening the brown bag, he reached in and pulled out two containers, both with seperate labels. The names of the food were strange and new to him though. Much different than the spoiled pasta dishes he was use to making.

'General Tso Chicken and Lo Mein'
Teppanyaki with Brocoli'

He shrugged and picked one up in each hand then headed into the living room - the living room with with a casket. He turned into the room and eyed the child sitting on the bench where he normally sat, but he said nothing, merely sighed and sat down next to her, handing the 'Beef Teppanyaki' to her.

"Eat up, child, he'll be back in no time."

Petyr stared blankly ahead as he and Ally opened their containers of food and started to eat in silence.

'Damn... That Flyp guy sure knows how to make good food. Wonder what he uses." Petyr thought to himself, casually shrugging it off and kept eating. 


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*holding her paper bag, crumpling its edge while staring to a fixed point on the floor*

Take care, Uncle Joe.

*opens the bag and eat in silence*

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somewhere nearby. Kitten says to Cat.

" Mommy, where's Daddy? "

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Looking around her she was satisfied that nobody could see her sat on the bench on the roof here in Picus Ridge and so Veronica licked the last of the sauce from the cardboard box. The others were right, this food they had brought back from a new restaurant in some place called Los Alamos was absolutely delicious, even after being warmed again in the lab.

Veronica licked her lips and then reached into the paper bag for the cookie. She had been told that in days passed messages were baked into these cookies, a way of hinting at future times. She broke the cookie and pulled out a strip of paper. She read the letters upon it and gasped.

Joe will return

It could not be true, could it? Mr Joe Spivey had retired, gone to live a quieter life. Why would the cookie think he would return?

Realising the paper was crumpled she pulled the ends and straightened it. She read it again.

Just keep doeing good and good will return

Veronica sighed disappointed. It seemed the cookie creator had little to say except perhaps that his cooking was better than his spelling.

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