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Startled awake

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The hot desert blew sand into the multiple cuts and abrasions across her body.  As she hung from the makeshift cross, she tried to relax and let Death’s comforting embrace take her to Oblivion.

She was hunting and had been caught by surprise by a patrol.  A basic mistake she would be sure not to allow again.  They decided to “Make an example” of her.  The beating took several hours before the darkness took her.  She woke suspended by her wrists in her current state.  That was several days ago.

The sudden cry of a Raven stirred her to glance in the direction of the sound.  The large black bird watched her perched next to her head.  She stared into the solid black abyss of its eye for a few moments.  Without warning the Raven shot forward, his beak headed straight to her eye….


Rayven shoot up in bed, gasping for breath.  She relaxed a bit letting her mind return to reality.  As she reviewed the dream in her mind, the warning became clear.

Sighing she stood and crossed the room into the next chamber.  Weapons of all kinds covered the walls.  Blades of every shape and size imaginable, as well as staves and clubs. The arsenal spanned from primitive to ultra-modern.

Starting to stretch, she activated her collar to a pre-set number, a couple of tones then a gruff response “Yes, sis.  What can I do for you?”

“We need to meet.” She replied, and cut the line.  Rayven started her morning routine, knowing she would have little time in the upcoming days to practice properly.

(To be continued....


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((Ahhhhh something new to read with my morning coffees Laughing can't wait.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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