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“Once you let people know anything about what you think, that's it, you're dead. Then they'll be jumping about in your mind, taking things out, holding them up to the light and killing them, yes, killing them, because thoughts are supposed to stay and grow in quiet, dark places, like butterflies in cocoons.”
Helen Oyeyemi, The Icarus Girl

.mubbled mess among bones NOTHERE Dave        
 after Sad bad
They she I We came in the night, when all was silent and my mind was blank. Canvas They came completely cloacked too perfection. Om their origin and motivation. om       conceived,... As to their powers and attributes, their origin and motivation. CONCEALED     /// , hunger and longing thats what.. had haunted/hunted me. u On the verge fear and misery, and so on so switch on demon fire..............,? No beggars banquet               none so back tracked em so circlee again mmm so ole so Chota spirt in the wind  so spot wisdom in the wind so cloak me too.BLACK SpYDERIN the comode dry     spinner spinner her spot  so discover this spot spot so on    off like televisionsign ALING off   blown snow spot snort blow spinning so prefallen but on the verge of  so blown away so faux hole hide jewel thunder struck so  so rock on so fascinating fauk   fever  so spot on it grows created EVERYTHING nothing stops the axing away at the pile yeah i am dave  " Is that u"? no where noth weve been blown and the end  IS ok/?.......... now Dave Hidden but i can see feel u lie like  a CORPSE  like u dave kill JOYCORPSE
like a hunger... swell blowin so free so ezy on the verge of  so blown away so spot on it fascinating fauk fuck death on the verge of cumm thunder struck so mUCK ME spinning pile of bones YES YES. iT came in the night, when all was  STILL silent and my mind was urs . om they came HEY JOE,the song had haunted/hunted me.  
on fire on
ME spinning pile of bones  verge pile of bones fallen verge verge incinerators puke flotsum pile yeah i am dave                   "the sleeper of Val" of Arthur Rimbaud                                                              
Hanging madly herbs rags

It's a hole of greenery, where sings a river
Hanging madly herbs rags
Money; where the sun, the mountain proud,
Glow: it's a little val who foam of rays.ana mendieta:
A soldier young, open mouth, bareheaded,
And the neck bathing in the blue, fresh watercress
Sleeping; it is lying in the grass, under the naked,
Pale in his bed verde where the light rains.https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KIEPmDla9l8
Feet in the gladioli, he's asleep. Smiling like
Smile at a sick child, it's a sum:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=JPM7MCAiaFs
Nature, cradling him warmly: he has a cold.
The fragrances are not shiver his nostril;
He's asleep in the sun, the hand on his chest,
Alone. It has two holes red to the right side


Re-Make / Re-Model

By Roxy Music

I tried but I could not find a way
Looking back all I did was look away
Next time is the best we all know
But if there is no next time where to go?
She's the sweetest queen I've ever seen
See here she comes, see what I mean?
I could talk talk talk, talk myself to death
But I believe I would only waste my breath
Ooh show me

Songwriters: BRYAN FERRY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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