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soaked N hung

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3:59 AM 1/19/2018/7:23 AM /Out from inner U. We slept on the floor in a TUCKED away corner , under a carcussPoor creature Kuld see it futuR eh hey, IN, A scraWl kill,Orbe dEAd [huRDy/GURDY/] CAME ALONG broadcasts ITS Ist Its IN a LOOKIE, SHE WANT S shelter she wants to be in the moment of orgasm found.,,,, lOOK, FlOOOR/it, I MUST Its my NothS CHota ways Noth was taughy/taught learnt to wheather ? to weather.... wAys WAVes of Bad ,, Om, KiLLed or to be found Poor creature To be cOrner found... dead in the spuddle of Mud LEAKIN SPUTTER ONN a Bed In a HOVEL WEST of tommorow cum soaked sAVEu shave ur pubiesHuBA dubba moan HUMP a humpa MOCA more moans pocahontis SQUAWL absence FAKE hair everywhere itsLike ur an,ITS,ey bitsey say see SPIDEr wolven silk wares strung/7:24 AM 2/12/2018 She wants u

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