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Silk and Steel

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The evening finds Jeassiah alone in the garage. She'd sent Sam home early with firm word not to come back as she will be busy and needed time. Not that there was much work over the last couple of weeks since she finished building that monster of an Ambulance for Tuki. At least she was sure the beast will hold up to the abuse since she'd heard no word of complaints about it needing any work on it yet, and she'd be amazed if it did need any work this soon even. Excluding Reavy's Falcon sitting in a hidden and seperate garage waiting for Reavy to come home, Tuki's car was the second heaviest and most powerful car Jess had choosen to rebuild.

Soft sand covered most of the floor of the garage with several thick beams of wood suspended from the rafters, which amount to several hours of work for her. Only the slightest of sound can be heard inside the garage as Jeassiah returned well into the late hours of the evening, dressed in as little she desired for this evening, which ammounted to nothing more than simple cloth wraps around her hands and feet, and the snuggest pair of underwear and sport top she owned with her hair left mostly loose save for the end where she'd used an old leather shoelace to bind it. And even these left very little to the imagination if anyone were to happen to see inside, something that should be harder to do since most of the easy to see into windows were draped with cloth. In each hand she held a pair of blades, actually a short katana like blade forged by her hand years agao, that much she could remember, but why she'd done so still escaped her memory as did so many other things from years ago. The other with a wicked long knife she'd taken from a raider who was intent on robbing her or worse when she was traveling.

She paused only long enough to flick the play button on a very old music device, brining sound to the otherwise almost silent building. She closed her eyes as she let the opening rythum of the music wash over her before she moved, each step a deliberate step in a dance she knew all too well without the memory of how she knew these steps so well or why. She threaded between the wooden beams from one side the the room to the other, measuring her steps, the timing of the song and her own breathing before she turns in one graceful step to make her way to the center of the garage now turned into her arena, her dance floor, and something more.

Hey grey eyes closed slowly, breathed one...twice..three times before they snapped open and with a spay of sand under foot, she darts from one side to the other, the music enveloping the sound of cold razor sharp steel slashing through the air fast enough to cause a slight whipping sound, the over powering sound of steel meeting wood and then moving onwards as she did not allow the steel more than a moment to kiss the wood before to the next...


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(( I'd be very interested to learn more about what she's doing. Trying to imagine what would happen if Shadow walked in on that :P

Lonely are the brave...

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((brings back memories :) When Tukiko was training at Haven she would come back to Hope and practice against the telephone poles. She was very enthusiastic but it was a coin flip over who won.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Tuki was never trained to be a pleasure slave turned assassin...My coin is on the Telephone Poles in her case...

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