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Siblings [3]

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Hvað í fjandanum er þetta kjaftæði!”


Hanne barely suppressed her truimph, she knew she had her sister on the ropes. Silja was now breathing deeply, open mouthed, not through her nose. Her defiance instantly had been replaced by a wild panic. Hanne always hated not being in control, and she could see her sister was not much different in that respect.

While Silja was still in shock and before she recovered herself, Hanne reached forward and closed the folder, she slipped it into a drawer and locked it before Silja made a lunge for it. Hanne knew at the first sign of a struggle Dwight would come, and she didn’t want him knowing too much about the relationship she had with her sister, let alone the explosive secrets held in the file. Hanne stood up and stood by the window, facing Silja who was by now recovering slightly but looked as if she could possibly throw up at any moment. Silja did stand up but was very unsteady on her feet, speechless but her eyes demanding answers.

Sit … down!” Hanne barked, Silja complied involuntarily.

Hvar fékkstu það frá..?” Silja demanded, but weakly.

Never mind where I got it from. The important thing is what … we … should do.” Hanne folded her arms across under her breasts and leaned back, looking down at her sister. She went on.


So, you’re the ‘Perfect One’. Hmm.” Hanne’s haughty look barely disguised a touch of jealousy. Silja looked back, clearly puzzled.




Can we speak English please? I never did get the hang of Poppa’s mumblings, even when he was sober!” Hanne said with disdain. Silja looked up and reprogrammed her swimming mind with English.

The Perfect One. Or so this Doctor Phillips decided. According to what she wrote about you, you were destined for great things.” Hanne tried to disguise her incredulity. “Imagine my little…. Or big… sister. The street rat. Destined to be the template for a ‘master race’. It seems they were taking a great interest in Little Silja. Your mother must have been something special.” Hanne leaned forward on the desk and stared into Silja’s eyes. “Unlike mine!”


Silja sat in silence trying to put what she was hearing into some semblance of sense. She knew she was the first born maybe by about 40 years, but thanks to the vagaries of Life-net, Hanne was the one who was in her forties while Silja was still in her teens. But what did Hanne mean by this ‘Perfect One’ stuff?


Hanne could see the unasked questions. She tapped the top of the desk above the drawer that held Silja’s file.

Your DNA must be quite something. Something valuable even. IF this becomes public.” Hanne paused. Silja knew that Hanne had her in her hands.

This is shite!” Silja protested, trying to convince herself this was not happening. But in the back of her mind she could remember Phillips. Phillips had scared her although she never understood why.

Sadly not.” Hanne sat down again. “The dossier makes interesting reading.” She paused for effect. “And I am sorry to hear about your mom.” Hanne pushed some sympathy across her face for effect. “But the fact is. IF this is true, or even if it isn’t. This makes you, sister of mine, a little bit of hot property.”


Hanne sat up, Silja glared, regaining some of her composure. She managed to fix Hanne with a defiant cold glare, but she knew Hanne held all the cards. And Hanne knew also.

Silja felt a lump grow in her throat, images of her mother flashed through her mind. Happy times on the farm bled into images of her mother wasting away in the camp. Silja swallowed hard, feeling she wanted to cry but she would not give Hanne the benefit.


Imagine how much Fat Eric, Joe Spivey, or half a dozen others would pay for this information, hmm? How much even for your brain stem?” Hanne rolled her eyes in faux incredulity. “But, you are my sister, well, half-sister, and…. Well, family ties being what they are…..”


Silja felt as if the ground was opening up under her and she was slowly sliding into it.


So, the question is. What to do?” Hanna leaned forward triumphantly. She had Silja exactly where she wanted her. All these years she had tried to get control over her sister for her father’s sake. All the times Silja’s defiance, her bloody mindedness had prevailed. But now she had the right lever.


I have a suggestion.” Hanne paused for effect. Silja felt herself shaking.


You should go somewhere safe. Somewhere where no one knows you or even cares.” Hanne smiled. She had won.



Poppa will be so pleased to have you home.”


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