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Siblings [2]

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When the doors opened again Silja pressed herself against the bulkhead like a cornered cat, she hissed like one also. She had had time to think. She reasoned that Dwight was under orders not to harm her, but she didn’t trust the lumbering hulk, she was unsure if a bid for freedom was worth the risk.


Dwight climbed into the van, the dim light darkened his heavy brows but Silja could see malevolence in his eyes. She lashed out at him with her boot, but Dwight just grabbed the leg and Silja was dragged out of the van by her feet.

Dwight stood her up, and Silja could see she was indeed outside the office of The Ranyhyn Company. She felt a slight relief, at least Dwight was not lying about the reason he had abducted her. But still.


She protested as Dwight bent her arm up her back. A Union Guard appeared further down the street and for a moment. Silja felt a surge of hope but the guard, on seeing her being frogmarched into the Ranyhyn building, thought it was more important to inspect that dog turd he had noticed earlier.

Silja cursed. Hanne had half the Union flatfoots in her pocket. Better they toe the line and accept the occasional brown envelope than accept a sudden head full of long range lead.


Silja decided to stop struggling, and so was propelled up the stairs and into the offices. Dwight finally let go of her arm, closing and locking the door behind them. Silja straightened her jacket and rubbed her arm. Dwight crossed the room and tapped on the door before opening it. He seemed to have changed almost instantly from a menacing hulk into a mild office worker.


Miss Henningsdottir.” He announced into the room. Silja heard a the reply from within. “Thank you Dwight. Show her in.”


Still rubbing her arm, Silja shuffled into Hanne’s office, face like thunder, her eyes glaring an ice-storm at her sister. From behind her large desk, Hanne indicated the chair which was set in front of her. Dwight took a place standing behind Hanne, his back to the window. Silja watched him warily as she took the seat, tight lipped, keeping the lid on her fury.

Silence. A long long silence. Hanne leafed through the folder on the desk in front of her. Dwight, hands on hips stood unmoving, watching Silja, ready to pounce should she attempt anything like a run for it or launch herself at Hanne. Silja’s glare at Hanne remanined severe and unbroken. The only sounds were pages in the folder being turned and Silja breathing deeply through her nose.


Eventually it was Hanne who broke the silence.


Thank you Dwight.” She lifted her head out of the folder and directed her gaze at the door. Dwight hesitated a moment as his guard dog duty was terminated abruptly, but he obediently took himself outside and closed the door gently behind him. Silja’s glare remained unbroken.


Poppa sends his love.”

Poppa can fuck off.” Silja hissed. Hanne sighed. Silja’s glare remained unbroken.


Thank you for coming.”

I had a choice?”

You would have come otherwise?”


Hanne sat up straight. The two women regarded each other in what seemed like another eternal tortured silence, like a feline stand-off, but without the growling. Just waiting for something to touch off and set the fur and claws flying.


Without breaking the eye-lock, Hanne turned the folder around and pushed it, open, across the desk towards Silja, forcing Silja to blink first. As she dropped her gaze, Silja knew she had lost the first round, curiosity being what it is. But she was not at all ready for the next body-blow.


From the photograph which was paperclipped to a sheet of paper bearing the Life-Net logo, Silja saw herself staring back. Not quite herself, but her eight-year-old self.



Silja reeled inwardly, her eyes opened wide, staring, unable to tear her eyes from the photo.




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((... I see what you mean about hating cliffhangers. Wnat the hell is Hanne up to? Grrr

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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