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shutting down (pt2)

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nikki entered the room abd looked at chain "its final i have made my mind up" he frowned at her but he knew better then to fight with her over it. standing ip he walked with her to his car and they head out, but he had to ask first "you sure you want to talk to her? not a gram or someone? i know you do not like her is all" nikki looked to him annoyed "yes i do i trust her" sighing one more time and heading off to sunshine. he found the home of marry, but was unhapply met by summer instead but let in the girl and her friend as long as they stayed proper house guest. nikki looked to marry asking her "so you can place me in stroage? for now? untell i geel like coming out? if i want to you know. sick of how people act to me" marry nod telling her about an idea "alpha clones got basicly a world of there own for them to keep them under for the making of more clones, these who choose to not reman awake in the world. yes i can place you in one but i can and will edit it so you remeber that world isnt real if you want to come back to this one" how long will it take? asked nikki who was more then happy to finally be away from those who she felt had not cared for her. marry looked at her calmly "an hour or so got to set it up and lock your collar singal and such. so someone cant pull you other then me. keep you safe from harm." nikki nodded looking at chain "and ypu ok too there? you look upset" he was crying upset he was losing a person he had knew most his life so he hugged her and she did back. he petted her one last time before they headed to the pod askig one last question to marry" why id um this girl following us? is she needed?" summer looking to the man. yes incase somrone trys something while marry is doing this. you know how fucking stupid people can get.

he left them at the pod being asked to do so by marry so he perted nikki one last time and headed home, nikkis home in terance. greeting isabel who had been watching over nikkis home she stopped looling at the visabley upset man" you ok hon? is the kitty going to be alright woth those two." he did not answer just shrugged. he felt it in his chest. he kept himself pushing to keep nikki happy as he could but atleast it was not enough to keep her around. so he knew this feeling and headed to the bathroom showering and shaving putting on his best suit. he never wanted nikki to see him in this state he was about to be in, but hid time was served laying down on her bed on a lay of sheet not to stain or tanit it, and took a nap he had been prolonging. meanwhile back at sunshine marry had compelted the task nikki was in a stasis, and her task was done heading home and making sure it was locked down tight. nikki woke not to a pod but to a beach warm air and snow covered trees it was almost like a land that nikki always dreamed of seeing but her heart knew something was wrong putside the makeshift world of hers, but she knew it would hurt her more to leave. seeing her friends her old caretaker eho made her. atleast peace for the cat - end for nikki b


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((I was cuddling my cat while reading this. Kinda made it more real :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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