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Margins of the infinite, darkness, prison

Victory of the ignorant, divided, fission

Cruel reflection, a monster say we

Man in the mirror, I am what I make me


Oceans of guilt, seas of doubt

I am a current, within and without


Allfather, wanderer, far from Hjem

Shadows in the shape of men

Ravens, two, far they've flown

Allfather, wanderer, far from Home


Oceans of fear, seas of sorrow

I am the tide of the long tomorrow


Vessel, vanguard, harbinger, fire

Clipped wings, grounded desire

Vessel, fortress, sage, water

Broken wings, dead man's daughter


Oceans of longing, seas of need

I am the heart from which we bleed


A proclamation of love, laid on her lips

Mine were the words he stole with a kiss

Ancient beauty, setting sun

A Dream, a promise, darkness undone


Oceans receding, seas long gone

Awaiting the day when the Shadows are one





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All poetry is the same to me... Words strung together in ways I don't understand. And yet, I don't feel I am missing anything of any importance.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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