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Setting up shop

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New Flagstaff, Franklin's riders office

That poster was great, sitting on the office's wall. A picture of a few rounds, with some words under it :

" Selling Ammunition, 2 chips per unit, any caliber. Send a letter or drop a note to Jasper at the NF's rider's office. "

Shiu nodded at the poster briefly before leaving. She had several other garages, LifeNet pods and shops to visit, and a bag full of similar posters to distribute. By the end of the day, she had dealt with most of Flagstaff's public spaces and Workbenches. It was time to call her contact.


* R * " Candy, it's Lotus. Barbarossa. "
* R * " I'm listening... Lotus ? Damn, girl that's a bit racist, no ? "
* R * *sighs* " Focus, please. Phase one is complete. We have a somewhat legal front. Next is phase two, the real operation will begin soon. How are our stocks ? "
* R * *chuckles* " We will have enough ammunition to invade a country as big as that old Federation, in the far East. If it still exists. "
* R * " Good. Please finish by the end of the week then we will be able to move to phase two. Over. "


 Timing was just right. It wasn't time to joke around, Phase two will prove much more difficult.



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*Looks at the poster while using his tongue to pick at at a particularly recalcitrant piece of unidentified meat lodged between two molars* Very nice. But it don't 'av much of a cute factor does it?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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