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The seeds

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Hello to everyone that still reads and posts on these forums. I wanted to share fantastic news that I am currently writing a proper book!!

During the time spent in FE and on this forum I've gradually lost any fear of writing. At first I thought that I could only write short forms but it turned out that a book is just a collection of relatively short chapters.

I am not posting this to fish for comments or asking encouragement, but to thank all of you for providing feedback and reading my stories here.
Special thanks goes to Reaper for keeping this small portal open. The seeds have sprouted.  



The genre of the book is science fiction and it has nothing to do with FE. Instead it follows the story of three colorful characters at the end of the Space Age. At this tempo, it will probably be published by the end of January 2017. It will be a free download for Kindle and other electronic readers and I will not reveal the title so you will never know which one is it :D

Once more, I am not posting this asking you to "BUY MY BOOK", just feeling immensely grateful for everything I received through this portal. 
Thank you all! 



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*Stands up and applauds* Mega congrats Engel. Looking forward to grabbing it... wait, i don't have kindle. Can it be read on PC? Anyway, never mind. Keep up the tempo. Laughing

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Not sure if I understand it 100% but the app kindle is free. So maybe we can buy the book and download the kindle?

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That is my dream!! I congratulate you! *claps vigorously*

Seriously, that's so amazing!

I wanna read it :-D any chance I could lure the title from you? You could consider a personal message :-P 

I hope the journey was fantastic, I can only imagine the joy you must have felt when you completed the book.

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Oh, the book is not complete yet but the writing has taken off and I feel the main text - some 80 000 words will be complete by the end of the year. Since I wrote it down in English it's gonna take a native English speaker to go through it and iron out any mistakes I've made while I sort out the publishing and artwork.
So I hope it will be complete by the end of January. 

From what I've seen there are many options for self-publishing your book, and it's cheap (even free!).

To answer Joe's question - Kindle is just one of many e-book readers but what I meant to say is that the electronic version will be free (this is what I believe at the moment) and anyone can read it on any device, even PC. Paperback edition of the book will cost a little bit, to cover the printing and delivery I believe.
For now I try not to think about that segment and just focus on creating something new. 



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Congrats!!!  And you've seriously got to post a link here!  Promote, promote, promote!

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Good luck!


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