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The Secret Adventurer's Club Second Adventure (part 2)

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And so it went on for most of the day until everyone started getting tired. Soon, tiredness and the heat started making everyone cranky. By mid-afternoon ‘Attack the Flag’ was losing its appeal and kids started to wander off in search of shade and water. Not long after, the game fizzled out and Finny and co were left to lick their wounds.

Literally as it turned out. The previous day Nitty Nora the Hair Explorer from the Union medical facility had paid the orphanage a visit. When Finny’s turn came and Nora was patiently combing through Finny’s thatch with a disinfectant smelling lice comb, the elderly matron noticed the old and not so old scabs on Finny’s hands and elbows.

“Have you been picking at them scabs missy?”

Finny examined her hands.

“Ummm, just the really crusty ones.”

“MmmHmm. Well you should leave them alone in case they get infected and turn green and then we have to cut your arm off.”

Finny thought about that while the comb was being tugged through her hair. She knew lots of kids and lots of kids had scabs like hers and she knew they picked them because really good ones were inevitably shown off to everyone around. None of them, however, had ever had their arms cut off so Finny had reason to doubt Nitty Nora’s warning. She kept quiet though. Nora did wear a uniform afterall.

Once the tangles were untangled and the fine comb was at last sliding freely through Finny’s long red hair Nora returned to the subject of scabs and cuts and scrapes in general and Finny found herself being educated on personal hygiene. This seemed to be a favourite subject of the medical centre staff for some reason but this time a little nugget of information actually lodged itself in Finny’s head.

“If’n you hurt yourself like those little scrapes you got there,” Nora was saying. “Spit on it and it will stop bleeding quicker. Spit has a natural coagulant in it that helps scabs form quicker.”

This new and interesting information, probably because of the slight grossness of it, was quickly passed on to Casper, Onetooth and Worms which is why, a day later, all four of them were now sitting atop the old boiler spitting on their war wounds and even licking the ones they could actually get to with their tongues. In the process, relatively clean patches of exposed skin were being created amongst the dust and grime that they were covered in following the exertions of battle.

Looking, then, like some new mottled race of humans that had been just hatched within the boundaries of the scrap yard, the Four Orphans of the Apocalypse stretched out on their backs and stared up into the blue sky. Worms, on the far end, broke the silence.

“I’m hungry.”

“Me too.” From Onetooth next to him.

“Me three!” From Finny and Casper in unison, and then laughed also in unison as they turned their heads to acknowledge their cleverness and suddenly found themselves way too close together and looking directly into each other’s’ eyes.

There was this sudden uncomfortable silence during which Finny felt her heart miss a beat. She sat up quickly and fumbled for her watch.

“It’s um… It’s nearly four ock lockers.”

Just as fast, Casper scrambled to his feet. He shielded his eyes with a hand and stared of in a direction that was completely the opposite to where Finny sat not looking at him.

“We better go. It… er looks like it might rain.”

Finny was already jumping down off the boiler.

“Yeah, we don’t wanna get wet. Let’s go an’ see what’s to eat.”

Onetooth and Worms looked all around the cloudless sky before frowning at each other. What just happened? But they jumped down and set off after Finny who was now already half way to the gate. Casper followed more slowly.

By the time they had gone through the enforced hand washing, the subsequent fingernail inspection and had collected their sandwich and mug of tea everything was pretty much back to normal and nobody noticed that Finny and Casper barely looked at each other once. Everyone ate and drank and discussed the day’s war until the inevitable question of ‘what are we gonna do tomorrow’ was asked.

The last few days had been exceptionally hot and the grown-ups were saying that it was likely to stay that way for at least another week. Attack the Flag was a great game but, between mouths full of sandwich, it was felt that the continuing heat was making it hard work. Nobody around the table wanted to play it tomorrow. Inevitably, the boys turned to Finny for inspiration.

None of their usual pastimes that she half-heartedly suggested where greeted with much enthusiasm and, to be honest, Finny didn’t really fancy them either. It was just too hot. It was then that inspiration struck in the half formed, hazy idea that had originally come to Finny after waking up from a nightmare she couldn’t now remember. But the idea had taken root.

“What about,” She looked at the three dusty, crumb flecked faces enjoying their cheese sandwiches. “We go on an adventure?”



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(Uff..  that was awkward.   she is nine now?..  That brings memories  :P

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((Og good, it came across :) I kinda got stuck on the the birthday story so I'll do this one first.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((rascally kid leading others off into an adventure...

not like anything bad can go wrong there .. right? 

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