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The Secret Adventurer's Club Second Adventure (part 1)

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There was no way Finny was going to make it to the mound of debris. She was already bloody and her breath burned in her throat as her lungs and heart worked overtime to supply her body with the energy it needed to reach safety. Like Casper, Onetooth and Worms behind her, Finny knew she was going to die, torn apart by bullets coming from the hidden shooters who had ambushed them. All she could do, she hoped, was to die well.

Two bullets hit Finny simultaneously in the stomach, stopping her forward movement dead. She swayed for a moment staring down in curious surprise at the glistening redness leaking between her clutching fingers. Another bullet took her in the back and Finny fell to her knees. As life flowed out of her and cold blackness began to darken her vision, Finny managed to reach out with one bloody hand towards the simple pile of rubble and sun bleached wood that would have saved all their lives. Then she fell forward into the dust, as dead as the barren wasteland that had been her home.

“S’not fair!” One tooth shouted, climbing to his feet. “We would’a seen yous from the top of the boiler. You cheated!”

“Did not!” Said the indignant ten year old jumping up from where he had been crouched behind a piece of what had once been a billboard for Spivey’s Patented Unction.

“Did too!”

The broken piece of window frame in the ten year old’s hands went from being a pretend gun to a very real club in zero seconds flat.

“Did NOT!”

Finny pushed herself to her feet and walked over to where the fight was about to start, at the same time grabbing a bunch of escaping red hair and tying it back into what could only loosely described as being a braid. Job done she stuck out her hand towards the ten year old, making him flinch.

“Well done. That was dead clever doing that ambush. You won us.”

The ten year old recovered enough to realise that Finny’s hand was extended to shake hands like grown-ups did and not to punch him in the goolies. He relaxed… a little. He’d heard the rumours about Finny like everyone else. About how Spivey’s so-called nanny was teaching her how to climb walls like a spider and kill you with a secret squeeze on the shoulder so that you were dead before you could even scream. He didn’t believe them, but still. Anyway, he lowered the stick and offered his own hand, at the same time turning to Onetooth with a sneer.

“See. Told ya.”

Onetooth didn’t get a chance to respond because just then Finny pulled the bigger boy close so that they were nose to nose, even though she was on tip toe to do so.

“Jus’ don’t do it again. Okay?”

The boy stepped back, pulling his hand free from the younger girl’s surprisingly firm grip. He rubbed his palm against his shirt like he had maybe been ninja poisoned. He was about to say something, then didn’t. Instead he turned and raised his stick in the air and whooped a victory call to his watching soldiers. They all joined in and ran off to the far end of the scrap yard.

By now, Casper, Worms and the four other kids who were on Finny’s team had also all come back to life. Finny stepped up onto a broken breeze block and put her hands on her hips.

“Right!” Everyone gathered round and looked up at her. “Our turn to defend. This is what we’re gonna do…”


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(( I squee'd when I saw the vulcan death grip mentioned))

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