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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 9)

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Before going through the curiously inviting door to ‘Lucy’s Special Place’, and all the possible treasures it might contain, Finny had the little gang collect together everything they had scavenged so far. It was a lot. Even without the pile of brightly coloured and exotic ladies’ clothing Onetooth and Worms had put together it was still a lot for a bunch of seven and eight year olds to carry all the way back to Badger Court. Finny sought a solution.

As best she could, because she didn’t quite understand it herself, she tried to explain the concept of ‘supply and demand’ as taught by Joe’s colourful vocabulary. It was all very well for Onetooth and Worms to have all these clothes, but the girls at the orphanage only had so much stuff to trade, even less cash and not all of them wanted frilly blouses and short skirts… Or a nurse uniform or… Finny noticed something strangely familiar in the pile and held it up. It looked like one of the blue shapeless dresses they were issued with on arrival at the orphanage, but grown-up sized. Weird, but at least it was warmer than the sequined shorts glinting at her from the top of the heap.

Anyway, she did eventually manage to get it across to Onetooth and Worms that they would only maybe be able to sell or trade about half of what they had. The two younger boys, although a bit disappointed, allowed Finny to go through the clothing and cull the more extreme and less practical items for them. After all she was a girl and knew about this kind of thing. When she had finished, the pile of clothing Finny approved was much smaller and certainly much less shiny than the original. Even so, added with all the other stuff they had it was still a heck of a lot to carry through the streets.

Once everything was sorted Finny finally led her eager troops over to the decorated doorway. They paused, looking at the decoration and the winking woman.

“So what’s in there?” Asked Onetooth. Everyone turned to Finny.

“I dunno do I? Special stuff I guess.”

“Like what though?”

Instead of answering, Finny stepped forward and opened the door.

“Let’s find out.”

Beyond the door was a short passageway with red walls and a worn out red carpet which ended at red painted steps going down to some kind of basement. The four adventurers paused at the top of the stairs. It was pitch black down there. Now, the kids weren’t scared of the dark, well except for Casper of course but for him ‘the dark’ was just another item on a long list. However, they had survived to their present ages because they were all very well aware that walking into a strange dark place was, more often than not a bad idea. They all clustered behind Finny.

Situations like this is what put the ‘Lead’ in leader and Finny knew she was going to have to go first.

“’Kay. Foller me.” Finny slowly descended into the darkness step by step, as if scared each concrete stair might suddenly disintegrate beneath her booted foot. It was a boost to her confidence, though, that the others only waited for two steps before following instead of waiting at the top until she either made it safely or was eaten by one of the things that live in the dark.

As the bottom of the steps slowly emerged from the blackness it was Casper who spotted the bank of red painted light switches on the wall. Finny’s heart gave a little leap as the prospect receded of having to blaze a trail into the narrow dark passageway that lay beyond. Stepping off the final stair she gratefully lifted a hand and swept it down the nine little switches.

It didn’t have quite the effect hoped for. There was the crackle of electric sparks from above which made the whole lot of them jump. More orange sparks exploded from other fittings further down the continuing red themed décor of the passage. Only at the far end, some twenty yards away, did a single solitary fluorescent tube sputter into hesitant, flickering life.

The effect of this one source of strobe-like lighting, combined with the continuing erratic showers of sparks and the blood red tunnel was somehow worse than the total blackness of before.


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(another cliffhanger...    now i have to wait until tomorrow, damn!

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((Half of what scares people is what they can't see, as much of what can be seen.

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