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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 5)

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What hit Finny as she stepped through the door from the ruined office into the equally ruined main room of the bar was the overpowering stink of alcohol. Its unpleasant smell made her want to gag and Finny immediately wondered if you could just get drunk from the smell.

Casper, Onetooth and Worms were busy behind the bar. Searching, or rather kicking, through the mass of broken bottles and glasses that crunched beneath their feet. The look on their faces suggested they were not hopeful of finding anything useful. That being the case, Finny decided not to join them. Instead she looked around the bar itself for any kind of a clue to hidden loot.

It didn’t look promising, at least not in the main saloon area. All the tables and chairs had been broken. So too had the pictures on the walls, but they were all of naked ladies or cows or, oddly, both together so Finny wasn’t overly upset about the damage to them. Wall lamps, ceiling fans, even the gold painted plaster stuff had all been smashed up. Well, except for the things that had been taken already.

Finny looked further afield. A balcony ran all around three walls of the big oblong room. The fourth wall was a stage, now littered with broken stage lamps and thick black wires. Finny got the feeling that the people who had done all this had been real mad about something. Even the poor old balcony rail had been broken in lots of places. But just now she was more concerned with all the doors that led off of the balcony. She figured these would be bedrooms for guests but she wondered how anyone was going to get any sleep because of the noise from the bar. Anyway, hopefully there would be suitcases and stuff in the rooms.

Back downstairs in the main room, there were two doors that looked to Finny like inviting possibilities for loot. The kitchen, of course, because food was always tradable. And then there was that other door with all the fancy plastery stuff around it and the sign that said ‘Lucy’s Special Place – Invitation Only’ and a lady’s face above it winking at you. To Finny’s way of thinking, if it was ‘special’ and if you needed an ‘invitation’ then there had to be good stuff in there. She whistled and the boys came scampering over.

She waited, hands on hips.

“Right. I don’t think there’s nothin’ worth much in here. I bet the grown-ups took all the booze an’ stuff first thing they did.” She allowed them a moment of disappointment before giving them the good news. “But… There’s lots of bedrooms upstairs.” Three pairs of eyes looked up and took in the balcony as if seeing it for the first time. “An’ there’s a kitchen.” That got immediate approval, as she knew it would. Then she pointed to the other doorway. “An’ then there’s a special room or something over there.”

The boys whispered together. Casper and Onetooth wanting to go upstairs first and Worms immediately opting for the mysterious special place. Finny, however, made the choice for them.

“We got to stick together, no wandering off. So, we’re doing the kitchen first. Foller me.” Finny set off towards the double doors to the kitchen knowing that the others would follow.

Joe had told her that the biggest part of being a leader was making decisions and not ‘um’ing and ‘er’ing about it. And not letting them have a vote or anything like that. Gangs, he had said, were not a bleedin’ democracy.

In a group then, with Finny in front, they pushed through the swing doors…

And stopped dead in their tracks.


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What ??.......  WHAT ?

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Boy? 

David Hasselhoff and a goat?

Several species of small furry animals all gathered to gether and grooving with a Pict?

WHAT.... ?


Don't we just love a cliffhanger :D

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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