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The Secret Adventurers' Club (Part 2)

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Worms led them a fast paced and zig-zagging route through the back streets of New Flagstaff, making them wait in a tight huddle at corners until Union patrols were looking the other way and generally being all very ninjery about the whole journey. Not that it was really necessary but it did avoid much chance of their location being reported back to the orphanage by an over concerned busy-body. The area they were heading through, though, was not exactly a child friendly part of town, but then not much of New Flag was. But Worms’ turning it into a game did make the twenty minute walk from the dump fun and much more exciting than just plodding along the sun-scorched sidewalks. Then they were there and Finny felt a little knot of unease that had been growing suddenly tighten.

Finny knew the streets of New Flagstaff well. So she had been becoming more and more concerned as their little group had happily navigated down roads and alleys that were leading them to the part of town where grown-ups went for more of a good time than could be had down the local bar. This corner of New Flagstaff was where the streets only came to life after it got dark and the brightly lit signs pointed to dark doorways and promised cheap drinks and dancing and a guaranteed good time. In contrast, by day these same streets were usually deserted as the night people, like vampires in stories, shunned the daylight and retreated behind drawn curtains and locked doors.

Worms was now proudly presenting them the entrance to one such place. It’s front door smashed up but now boarded over and swathed in yellow police ‘do not cross’ tape. Above the doorway a neon sign, with its delicate tubes smashed into oblivion and the brightly coloured shards now forming a glistening carpet at their feet, still betrayed the name that had until recently enticed the usually already drunk customers into its noisy interior. 


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