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Secret Adventurers Club : Crossed paths

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The scent of Nervous and Fear hit Abyss’s nose as soon as crossed the yellow tape, and stepped into the building.  A scuff here and a muffled noise there confirmed he was not alone in the building.  The old lady had said it would be a cake walk, and he just had to get in to find the object hidden in the safe.

Damion had told him to do what the lady asked, to get in her good graces.  It had taken all his control not to skin the lady alive, as she named a next to nothing payment and acted like she was doing Abyss a favor by giving him the job.  He knew she was on the outs with most Travelers and had next to nothing in the way of chips.  It was only his loyalty to his brother that Abyss allowed the lady her illusion of superiority.

Finding the building was easy enough, and the directions he was given were clear.  The problem of the others in the building was easy to bypass.  Whoever it was clearly was not trying to hide their presence, as they rummaged for whatever they considered valuable.  Abyss made his way to the safe and discovered it was already empty.  The drawing in the dust was enough to ID who it was even without the added name.  Abyss even was able to grab the person’s sent from the sweat their finger left behind.

It briefly crossed his mind to go find who was in the building, and see if the objet was with them, but the cheap bitch had not paid yet for just the retrieval, let alone a fight with an unknown group.  He had a name and a way to ID the person that most likely had it, so that was what all she was going to get.

He made his way out of the building avoiding the occupants, and headed back to his “Employer”.

Abyss chuckled in his unusual voice, sounding like a group of demonic children, and muttered to himself “Finny.  And they say my name is strange.”


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((Ohhhh Finny, Finny, Finny... What have you gotten yourself into?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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