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The Secret Adventurers’ Club (Part 1)

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It was just after lunch. Finny still had the watch Joe had given her so, she alone amongst the four of them, knew that it was… She counted the ‘5s’… Twenty five minutes past one. She was still getting used to mechanical time, but Joe had insisted, so that was that. Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy making the time in her head fit with the little numbers on the thing on her wrist. In her head it was ‘feeling better after dinner’ time. It was the quiet time before everyone got busy again, and it would stay quiet time until all the Union guards changed over… Or two ock-lock according to the watch.

They were in the dump, of course. There was no battle going on just now because lunch, although barely palatable, certainly filled you up and left you just wanting to not move. So now they were sitting huddled cross-legged together in a three sided box made of holed, bent and rusty corrugated steel sheets. This was good, because it meant they had shade from the noon sun. But it was only good if your elbows or other exposed flesh didn’t actually touch the makeshift walls or if you didn’t mind the smell of your comrades’ freely oozing sweat. Other than that they were basically sitting in an oven.

“Still bored.”

Finny lifted her head off her knees and looked across Casper, sitting next to her, to the speaker, who was Onetooth. This wasn’t the first time she had answered the eternal question, but now Finny was starting to suspect Onetooth was doing it on purpose. The heat wasn’t helping her temper any either.

“Well what do you want me to do about it?! It’s too hot to do stuff yet. An’ anyway we don’t have enough for a battle ‘cos Lisa an’ Fru-Fru an’ Horse are still on jankers.”

‘Jankers’ was the word used by kids and staff alike to describe the punishment work inflicted on the inmates for minor infringements of the rules… Or just ‘getting caught’ as the kids put it. Lisa, Fru-Fru and Horse had been caught being somewhere they weren’t supposed (the shed out the back where they were trying to find out just what it was the big kids did in there). The result was two days jankers.

“I know what we could do. An’ it’s inside so it’ll be coolerer.”

Onetooth and Casper both leaned forward to look past Finny. Finny had been deliberately not looking to her left. Hence the interest in her watch for most of the time they had been cooped up in here together. But now Worms had spoken so, as leader, she had to at least acknowledge his presence. Even though that also meant acknowledging the small feathered corpse he was currently poking at between his feet. She shuffled around to look at Worms, while trying not to be too obvious about not touching him. However, she didn’t get chance to interrogate him because the other two were already eagerly doing it for her. In chorus too.

“What?! Where?!”

Worms grinned and slammed a half brick down on top of the days dead bird, fortunately also hiding it from view.

“Come on, I’ll show you!”

He was already out and Casper and Onetooth were scrambling after him.

Oh well, Finny thought, happy to be out of the oven. Can’t be any worser than breathing boy-smell. She ran to catch up.


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((*Follows Worms with excitement to find out what is to happen*

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((You don't want to follow Worms too closely. Oh and wear gloves. Make sure your anti tetanus shot is up to date too.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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