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second look at rotters

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allison had left hope not able to find any doctors at the time, she had planed to go back down and look at the rotters and maybe the collared ones again for notes. at this point she was fairly sure she was an infected but with no doctors she could not tell. when she had found a group of infected the normal ones seem to leave her alone more then the two with the collars, while she watched there movements she noted that they attacked in groupeds but fought over the animal they had killed. allison kept watching untell what had felt like some nearly burned her, looking up she had seen one of the collared ones did infact have fire in its had which had made allison more scared then anything. she had manged to get onto the bike she had and drive off before it burned her to dead.


back at hope. in hope again allison had found a blonde woman, asked her if she could come in and that she wanted to be tested for this infecten. a girl by the name of neffie had taken her blood when a girl in a lab coat entered, they did confrim that allison was infected and had a disscusen with her tuki had told her about keeping her in the clinc untel they can cure her, but she wanted skin samples or something first off. 

after they had left and gone down to the clinc the other blonde assuming she was mayor had asked allison to give anything she wanted to her. allison had given her, her rifle, her goggles as well as her jacket. she learned after a few mintues this is there first time, if not only time, they had to deal with some one blind being that it took them a few mintues to get allison into the room. after locking her into the room they told her a few things she agreed and when to sleep while waiting for what ever cure they had planed for her and tuki to take samples.


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(( Lucky Allison, might be the first to be cured... if Tuki can make it in time. ;) ))

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