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Safe Passage

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"I told you we should have waited for Momma to take us." Simon whined as he struggled to keep his end of the bundle off of the ground. 

His slightly taller sister blew an errent strand of blond hair from her nose as she tried to ease the weight her nine year old brother bore. The large bag filled with toys was not only heavy but cumbersome due to the odd shapes of the contents all crammed into one huge sack the two children had carried between them for a mile and a half already. 

"If we wait for Mom the kids at the orphanage won't get these toys we been collecting all year until after Christmas," she answered. "How would you feel if you had no mom or dad AND no presents on Christmas?"

He grunted and she noticed the sack got a bit lighter again, she smiled and trudged on even though her muscles ached, hoping silently that they would actually make it there. 

Sheri stopped suddenly then got pushed a few inches further because Simon had kept going.His voice impatient as he yelled out "What did you stop for?"

The girl stared at the rusted old wagon, at one time it had been painted red in the age old tradition of that type of childrens toy. The wheels were all there as well as the grooves they made in the dirt from being pulled onto the side of the road, like it was brought out with the intention of them finding it when it was needed the most. 

"Look" she said, pointing when he peered around their burden, his eyes widened and he whooped with joy and they carefully set the precious package onto the wagon, the wheels wobbled a bit and some of the bottom was rusted through but it worked like the mini miracle it was.

Sheri shaded her eyes with a hand and scanned around them for anyone who might start accusing them of stealing, she saw a red pom-pom, the kind on a knit Christmas cap, twitching inside a bush but it was gone when she blinked. Shrugging it off as dust in her eyes she pulled the wagon down the road towards their destination once again. The girl nor her brother saw the pom-pom move away from the bush and dance just above the tall grass off the to side and a little behind them. 

The sharing siblings made it another half mile without incident until they heard howling that seemed at first far away but grew closer with each step they took, afraid the wagon would fall apart if they went too fast. The distant howls became nearby growls, hidden among the brush on either side of them. Two hearts pounded furiously with fear. 

A shotgun blast filled the air and made both children jump and the wagon tipped over. They huddled behind it while five more shots rung out, a pain-filled whimper was heard then it was quiet once more. 

Swallowing the pulse in their throats the righted the wagon, and looked at each other, hoping one would come up with an explaination. It was Simon who finally said, "Probably a nearby farmer that was after them. His sister nodded her agreement and they continued on with their Christmas quest, and again the pom-pom remained just behind them, unseen amid the shrubbery.

The were approaching the New Flagstaff city limits when a tall lanky figure came out of the doorway of the remnants of a burned out shack, bloodshot eyes watched the two small figures who cautiously glanced his way before moving faster. 

His broken smile stretched across a scab-scared face and teeth like broken piano keys, he knew just where to ambush the little ones. He would sell off whatever they were transporting but the big cash-in would be selling the boy and girl to someone who enjoyed children and would pay well for them. He would be able to buy all the Storm he wanted for quite a while.

Simons eyes were almost too big for his face so great was his fear, his sisters eyes mirrored his. Both had been hearing things behind them for several blocks and the short distance they had to go seemed miles away. Between the wild dogs and the man who had stared at them with creepy eyes, and the noises behind them, they were both spooked and on edge. 

"Lets hurry" Sheri whispered, not to keep from being heard but fear had all but chased her voice away. The boy agreed and they pushed and pulled the wagon as fast as they could. 

Behind them a tall shadow moved in to overtake the helpless duo when something dropped down upon him. Something damp and smelling like waffles and the kind of soap they use in a carwash, but with sharp teeth that savaged his ear like it was a tasty morsel and severed his vocal cords before he had a chance to scream... his last thought was of his only love, the drug he would never have again.

Simon and Sheri arrived at the door of the orphanage and were greeted by cheers and greatful embraces as well as one relieved mother who suspected where her missing children had dissapeared to and fully intended on having a word with her offspring but tomorrow, today was Christmas and they had arrived safely. 

"That was a long trip you two made on your own" Mom said with more then a little pride in her voice as she hugged them both at once.

"You always said a guardian angel watched over us" said her daughter

"Piece of cake" said her son.

Outside,on a ledge above the vaults a bedraggled, not-quit angel wrung out her cap and grumbled about carwashes and waffle trails. 

"Worth it."






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((love it hun. happy holidays to your and yours.

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((Thank you and same to you and all the rest of my beloved wastelanders

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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( Another grea christmas story, well done!

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((Good to know that the Christmas spirit is alive and lethal :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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