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Søstre [4]

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It is pink. I guessed it!” Sorja laughed.


No it is not, It is more red than pink I would say.” Hyle replied. “It is just a matter of how the light hits it.”


Nope, definitely more pink. Anyway, it looks very nice. Very you!”


Nevermind that! Do you want to come or just look at it?” Hyle pouted.


Oh I will definitely come with you. It looks so exciting.”


Jump in then!” Hyle patted the seat beside her. “I thought we would take a little spin then have a picnic, Theis has prepared one for us.”


Sorja jumped in next to Hyle and they roared off towards The Waffelhus.


Ten minutes later the Troy sisters were speeding along the south road, The Morgan growled up through the gears. Hyle grinned and glanced at her sister.



Whooooooo !” Sorja screamed as they hurtled into the dip and crossed the bridge into Windshift. Hyle laughed, they were sharing an exhilarating ride, she enjoyed the mixture of excitement and suppressed terror on Sorja’s face. She purposefully let the rear of the car slip as they swerved off right and headed away from the main road, bandits and other collective dangers. Hyle knew where she was going. A quiet spot where they could relax and enjoy the picnic, safe from predator and perpetrator alike.


Some time later.


The parked Morgan pinged and clicked as it cooled. Hyle stretched her legs out on the blanket and watched as Sorja took control of the hamper and it’s contents, setting out the sundry edible delights that Theis had prepared.


Sorja, for her part, was impressed by the selection and commented on this as she took a seat on the mat next to her sister.


He definitely knows what he is doing, this Theis guy. Where did you find him?”


Hyle loaded her plate. “Theis? Oh he just turned up among a bunch of refugees. The first thing I noticed was he could speak Dansk!”


He’s a handsome chap.” Sorja noted. “I suppose you have added his notch to your bed also?”


Hyle’s face showed outrage at the suggestion, for about six seconds, then her face slipped into a grin as she swallowed down the morsel in her mouth.


Ach! What do you take me for?” Hyle said eventually. “Not that I have not tried, but Theis? He is a confirmed ‘Friend of Dorothy’ hun.”


They laughed, Hyle at the preposterous thought, Sorja at her sister’s coy demeanour as if her morals were as pure as the driven snow. But Sorja knew better. At least she knew better all those years since but the Hyle she saw now was different somehow.


They both took a little food each and as they ate they found themselves regarding the other in the short silence.


But you have changed.” Hyle was the first to progress the mutual thought line.


Oh, how so?” Sorja smiled back.


Confidence. The way you hold yourself.” Hyle said. “Much more assured about who you are, more sensual even.”


Sorja leaned back, taking a moment to absorb Hyle’s observation.


It’s been a long time Sis, I’ve done a lot. Learned a lot. And found out much about myself and what I wanted to be. Meeting Bjorn helped I guess, but…..” She hesitated, concerned about what Hyle’s reaction would be to her next statement. “I think a lot of it came from being out from under your shadow.”


Sorja held her breath. Hyle shifted, leaning slightly towards Sorja, fixing her with those blue eyes.


Do you really think so?” Hyle softened the words with a smile, after all she was pleased her sister had developed so well, it seemed.


Sorja felt more relaxed after gauging Hyle’s initial reaction.


What I mean is, living with you seemed like a fairground ride, always twisting and turning with your emotions, and everyone seeing you as the focal point, always at the centre of attention. And I think I felt then like the sidekick to your stage-show.”


Hyle attentively listened to her sister, watching her eyes. They were full of calm emotion, even serenity as she explained her feelings.


I always felt as if I was under your coat-tails. Always in the background, like some understudy while the main act soaked up all the attention, and the men. Whereas I always felt invisible, just the one who did the cooking. And you did not help by steaming away with any man I took a likeness to.”


Hyle the corner of her mouth curl up in her half-smile, but more than that, Hyle felt a deep warmth around her heart as Sorja went on. She was ostensibly explaining why she left and why the sibling differences and rivalry had become untenable to her.

Hyle was transfixed by Sorja’s honesty, and rather than feeling hostile to the home-truths, she felt herself becoming closer, bonding to her sister who Hyle realised she had missed more than she had realised or cared to admit. Hyle felt a lump in her throat.


Oh Sorja. I am so sorry, I just did not realise.” Hyle sighed. “I realise I was so wrapped up in myself…..”


Hush..” Sorja sighed, placing her hand on Hyle’s. “We are sisters. Sister are chalk and cheese. That’s the way of it. Always has been, always will be. We are so different, but two sides of the same coin, really.” Sorja squeezed her hand. “And look at you now! Mayor. Grandmother. Businesswoman. How can I not be proud of what you have grown into.”


Hyle’s voice finally found it’s way past the blockage in her throat.


I’m proud of you also, Sorja. When you were talking to Tuki about your interests and business, of how things have changed in Briggs Point. I just wondered how much you had grown, as a person and a driving force. I was pleasantly overwhelmed!”

We grow, we change.” Sorja picked up her glass. “I think we do not notice it if we see it day to day, in ourselves or each other. But because we have been apart so long, we suddenly realise exactly how much the other has changed over time.”


Hyle’s growing smile became a laugh. “Absolut! I’ll drink to that, Sis.” She grabbed her glass and held it towards Sorja.


Skål!” She toasted.


Kippis!” Sorja returned.



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I can imagine this, from when we RP'd with Sorja. Love the picture too, great motion blur.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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So natural is the conversation written. I like the picture of Hyle as a driving force of independence and terrified passengers.

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