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Søstre [2]

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Present day….. Shortly after Mid-day,


The low rumbling thunder of low revving four-stroke motorcycle engines grew from out of the distance as they left the main North-South road and turned into Hope Springs.

The sound shook loose window panes and certainly several curtains were twitched. In The Waffelhus, Theis looked up from laying the current order he was serving, and peered past the number of patrons pressing their faces to the front window to see what on earth was going on.


Outside, they watched as a blue and white Fastback escorted by four dark motorcycles, one flanking each corner of the car, keeping perfect formation with it. Each bike was ridden by heavily built, leather clad, bearded individuals, The holsters on the bikes bristled with all manner of shotgun and rifle.

The entourage thundered past The Waffelhus, past the bar, toward….


The Mayor’s house !” The cry went out.


Inside the Troy residence, they heard the thunder approaching. Hyle looked at Tuki, Tuki looked at Hyle and scooped up her son, Ichiro, who’s face looked confused and slightly fearful at the strange oncoming rumble.


The vehicular formation pulled up by the fence outside the Troy residence, after a few seconds of revving, the engines were cut and silence fell. Hyle and Tuki appeared at the door, Tuki clutching her son.

From down the street came shouting, as several Constables sprinted from several different directions towards the Mayor, behind them followed a number of citizens


The door of the Fastback opened and a tall, lean figure emerged, tightly cut blonde hair, slender, immaculately dressed.


Hyle screamed. So did Tuki.

Sorjaaaaaa !” Hyle squealed like a teenager.


Sorja and Hyle ran together, hugging each other tightly, Tuki joined the huggfest almost immediately. Ichiro found himself surrounded by soft but pressing female flesh, almost popping out of the top of it all from the pressure.


Further down the street, the constables and the numbered citizenry, slowed from the run to a bewildered trot, then walk, then stood, looking at each other and at the scene of reunion outside the Mayor’s house.


The four hairy motorcyclists grinned at each other, and restarted their machines.

See you in a week, Sorja!”

Ok boys! And thanks for the company.”

They waved before turning and thundering off back through Hope into the general direction of Kaibab, waved off by Sorja, Hyle and Tuki.


Who were they?” Hyle asked.


Sorja grinned. “Ohh, they are the local Moottoripyöräkerho from Briggs Point. Bjorn insisted I get an escort here. Nice boys!”


Hyle giggled along with her sister and her daughter. “Come on inside. Coffe and cake. You must be starving!”



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Back together again... tis the end of days, the prophecy is fulfilled... (sorry, been binge watching Sabrina)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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