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Søstre [1]

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Seven years ago….


From any angle, it was plain to see that Sorja was not happy with her sister, not in the slightest. Anyone who passed the side door to The Waffelhus that evening would have been witness to the argument between the two Troy sisters.


In fact many of the customers that had passed through the ‘best little diner in the province’ evening could easily have sensed the brewing storm behind the counter. The fact was that it had been very busy that evening. This was the usually case, but this particular evening had been exceptional.


And it was quite obvious that one of the Troy sisters was being run off her feet while the other was demonstrating lethargy quite perfectly. In between these two and trying her best to keep in the good books of either sister, poor Tuki was finding it difficult to find the correct balance.


Anyway, back to the argument. Well, not quite an argument, more a one way verbal stream from one side to the other. In short, Sorja had had enough.



Listen Hyle. I do not really care how much you drank or who you brought home with you last night. OR the fact you had a stinking hangover for most of the morning.”


Hyle rolled her eyes away from the blazing stare coming back at her from not many centimetres away. Her reply came in the form of a heaving sigh, squeezed out of her lungs by the tightly folded arms across her chest.


What really gets me.” Sorja went on. “What reeeeelly gets me is your ability to wallow in self pity for hours and hours on end. OK, so you drink too much. You sleep with anything in trousers. Not that I approve, but that’s just me! And it's just the way you are.”

Hyle shuffled a little, bracing against the storm coming into her left ear.


But if you go out and do that, don’t force us to suffer your guilt along with you the next day… or days even! And Tuki should not have to suffer either.” Sorja reinforced her point with the end of her finger into Hyle’s shoulder.


Hyle turned to Sorja with her lost puppy look. “But….”


But nothing!”


Sorja paused, choking off more of her tirade, stifling the anger which had been building in her breast all evening. She turned her back on Hyle to direct some of her passion out into the far fields, not to her sister


Hyle turned the other way, sniffing. The heavy silence of the situation was broken only by chirping crickets or coyotes barking far away. Hyle was on the losing end of her personal battle with her self-esteem and Sorja knew it. She knew it well, and could easily recognise the ups and downs


Eventually Sorja turned around to her sister, turning up the calm, the fury now cast into the wilderness. She put a soft hand on Hyle’s shoulder and turned her around to speak into the top of Hyle’s head.


You know what makes me so angry with you, Sis?” Sorja spoke softly.




I’m so envious of you sometimes.”



You… on a good day. You are so strong. So brave. So determined. You have so much charisma people look up to you, look to you for strength. I can not help but feel proud of you, wish I had half your strength….”

That’s why I get so angry. Because you throw that away too often. And I know why, we have talked and talked and talked about it. You have to push past those memories, use those experiences as a good thing, to help others, as we have often talked about.”


Hyle looked up. Her mouth failed to form words, no sound.


Sorja looked at her sternly. “Look what you have already done. With The Waffelhus. For Tuki. You can do much more. Much more than I could. If only you can turn those negatives around.”


Sorja’s sisterly smile sought one from Hyle. It came, albeit a weak smile.


I’m not asking you to stop partying, to stop drinking and having sex, You would make a shite nun. Just… Do it on your own terms. Be in control. OK?”


The Troy sisters hugged, Sorja could feel a relieved sigh squeeze past the lump I her throat, but it was stopped by Hyle’s snort coming from her shoulder.

Sorja leaned back and found herself looking into her sister’s smile. More a grin than a smile.


Shite nun… For helvede…”



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((So similar are the sisters and also so different. Wunderful to read.

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Curious as to where this is going :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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