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Road to Home, Grease Pit

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It was the following morning after Jessiah had finally shot Tuki's old car, effectively ending its misery in her opinion. That girl had about driven her car into the ground, leaving Jess to wonder just how she was able to go for as long as it must have in it's poor condition. Either way, Jess pulled a very late night stripping the wreck of the reuseable parts and setting them aside. She'd also spent a few hours into the night digging through the boxes that had arrived from new Flaggstaff, 'donations' as it were from Joe Spivey.

Judging by the way the parts were divided into two neatly arranged groupings on one of the worktables...and the much larger pile of parts simply tossed into the corner, not a whole lot of it was acceptable to her as is. Of course some of those parts were already arranged with those she took from Tuki's car, and her distinct lack of conversation with Sam, the young man hanging around and working for her intrade for training showed how intent she was on this mornings work load, starting with the welding and cutting of the frame of Tuki's old car. Already it showed additional steel having been added to the overall length and various joints that needed extra attention.

Every so often, she'd stop and consult drawings and technical manuals, even some old scavanged pictures before going back into the work, the frame work slowly coming together, for the most part starting to look like a typical Tonneau build.


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((It was a dark and stormy night and cold lightning cracked across the rain filled sky. In the workshop of Doktor Blackenstein her creation began to take form...

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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