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The Road to Home.

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It'd been several hours since She had a talk with Hyle in the small reception room at the Hostle, and Jess found herself more than a little upset by it over all. What Hyle might have thought was apprihension was more like a struggle with emmotions that were at odds with the situation in general, and also with feeling like she was being threatened with being removed from one of the very few places she actually felt comfortable much less safe these days.

Despite Tuki's advice to rest, after the meeting with Hyle, she could hardly remain still yet. She was moving more to her first set of thoughts after she felt like she'd been able to escape that office room, away from Hyle and the barely contained anger she could feel coming from her. Already there was one duffle bag full of items, and she stopped before reaching for a second, nodding curtly to herself before hefting the bag over one shoulder, much to her instant regret from the pain in her side. A single thought of fuck it all came and went as she stroke through down the street towards the building where she was told Hyle made her regular day office.

It didnt take Jeassiah long to make her way to the building and inside, the steady conflict of emmotions plus a good surge of adreninlin kept her going this far without slowing just yet, despite the pain she was feeing. She blew past the secretary without a pause and into Hyles office.

Hyle looked up from her desk and the paperwork she was dealing with at that moment, and most of it concerning the recent influx of refugees to see Jess hold her hand up before she could say anything.

"This is about today. About many things. I felt You did not allow me to speak earlier, and that made me felt like I was a Kajira again, back under the whip of those who treated me like mere property. I fail to have all the words right now how badly that makes me feel, how angry I felt that coming from of all people, You." Jessiah said, with the clearest unbroken english Hyle could ever remember likely hearing.

Even as she was speaking, Jess dropped the large duffle bag on the floor in the middle of the Office and stepped around it, right up to the edge of the desk. She could see in those icey blue eyes something of an emotion she could not quite put her finger on, her own emmotions clouding her latent ability to feel others emmotions.

"My failing was to understand all your rules, that I believed things were still as they were from what I can remember. My failing is that I loved too much and came back to the one place where some one I willingly gave my devotion and life to lives, and found myself without a place at her side. A place you now have and that hurts me to some extent. Yet I stayed with hope and now, I feel a mistake on my part will cost me that, that you do not trust me enough to come to me, to ask why much less to even ask me to take back what I'd stupidly had given out. I know you did that for your own reasons but...I dont know...I feel I could have done it as well if you'd trusted me enough..."

As she spoke, she pulled over her head a thin silver chain, pulling two uncut keys from under her shirt and gently placed them on Hyle's desk, watching how she looked at the keys without understanding the meaning. Yet still, Hyle allowed her to talk, to finish what she had to say, and Jess could tell that she was only just waiting for that opening to have her say. That thought alone almost made Jess smile and would likely be the thing Hyle would want and take. But it was her next action that made Hyle pause and eye her through narrowed blue eyes.

Jessiah had drawn one of the two heavy magnum revolvers and flipped open the cylinder, dumping the ammo out on the floor before the gun was laid to one side of the pair of keys, then she repeated it again with the other revolver, laid out on the other side of the keys.

"Those keys...were supposed to be the wedding present for Reavy. But what do they mean now. Take them. And since you want my guns, to reduce me back to the kaji I was........" she spoke in just barely over a whisper in the office. And while Hyle looked at the guns first then the keys, she almost missed Jess on silent feet at the door of the Office until she'd heard the door open. 

"Wait," Hyle started to say as she rose from behind her desk, and something in her voice had Jessiah pausing just as she had stepped though the door and gance back, to see the shimmer of tears in Jess's eyes.


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"These are yours... no doubt you will need them outside of town."

Hyle pushed the Magnums across the desk towards where Jeass stood in the doorway. She then picked up the silver keys."

"As for these. I think you need a long talk with Reavy. You know what she is like. She's her own woman."

Hyle draped the keys over the guns then came from behind her desk and stood by the duffelbag.

"I am not in the business of disarming. There may come a time when we need to defend Hope from outsiders. I just hope that day never comes. I've already had to help rebuild the town once. I don't want to have to do that again."

Hyle looked towards Jeass calmly. 


"I cant influence what goes on outside town. But in Hope? At least here I can try to reduce the risk of any violence occuring within the town. And that means no outward sign of agression. And it works!"

"Maybe the Yahoo's think it's too boring here, no point in coming here looking for some fun." Hyle shrugged. "Who knows. But it works, and I am happy with that. Because of that we dont have a pile of dead, dying and injured clogging up the clinic every saturday like it was in the former times."

Hyle paused, assessing Jeass reaction for a moment before continuing. She picked up the pile of documents from her desk and let Jeass see them.

"In the hostel at the moment we have seven girls from Diamond Lil's. Four have been assessed and we are pleased to say they are well enough to leave the hostel. Four are taking counselling and are responding to treatment, Three are mentally destroyed by the way they were treated." 

"In addition we have twenty-eight victims of sexual violence which are currently under close observation to assess thier mental state. Symptoms range anywhere from catatonia through to those who have sudden terrors if someone slams a door to hard. In the past month I have had to deal with five suicides."

Again a pause.

"It is my responsibility to care for these people, my staff and myself are dedicated to try and give these girls a fresh start in life despite the trauma they have suffered through men with guns. Add to that the greedy, the exploiters. People who see vulnerable girls as a means to make a quick profit, no matter what the cost may be to these girls lives. I have seen all this, I myself was one of those victims. Which is why I do what I do."

"So, forgive me for laying down the law about you arming the people under my care. That is the way it has to be. So take your belongings. Think long. Be part of Hope Springs and what it means because I wish that. But if that is not what you want, all I can do is wish you godt rejse.”

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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It was clear looking at Jeassiah that what Hyle was saying about the girls in the care of the town was hurting her, she was visibly trembling and the tears in her eyes more clearly seen. She shook her head once when Hyle ended her comments and gripped the door knob tightly for a moment, then a second time before she spoke softly, with a halting voice.

"ah'm sorry...I...I dun know what I want...tis yer rules, yer way," then took a ragged breath before she finished speaking, "please forgive this stupid girl." the turns and fled from the office, holding one arm to her side, holding onto the pain as she bolted from the office and the building in general.

She knew in some part of her mind that everything made sense from Hyle's perspective and she should support that fully being who the woman is and that her dreams and goals were all good ones, but at the moment, she could not get over the emmotional shake up and did the only thing could do at the moment, she ran. It would not take her long to find the quiet corner of the garage she'd spent weeks restoring to a fully functional facility again, surrounded by cold uncaring metal and equipment, where Jess could hide for now, collaspe under the pain of her heart and physical injury.

And outside, the gossipers that she'd passed leaving the office in a hurry were quick at work, spreading the lastest tidbit between her and Hyle.

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