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A Rite of Passage [2]

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Silja rolled the car to a halt not far from the door of the motel.

Uwe was still thinking, or was it hoping there was a restaurant inside. And there was, although not a very romantic one. He was still heading towards it when Silja yanked his arm. She headed instead for the reception desk.


Room 12.” The guy said as he handed Silja the keys. His face remained professionally implacable only Uwe caught the wink he gave him as they headed off toward the stairwell. The butterflies in Uwe’s belly flew into a swarm.


You got a room!?!” Uwe exclaimed quietly when he figured they were out of earshot from the desk.

Silja held his hand tightly as she nodded. The she turned fully to face him, and landed the lightest kiss on his lips then whispered. “I didn’t want our first time to be in the back of my car.”

Uwe’s lips mouthed ‘Oh.’ but no sound came out, he just felt suddenly nervous. Silja saw the emotion cross his face and noticed that Uwe’s legs had stopped walking.


You do want to, don’t you?”


Umm… yes! ... I mean.. sure.. umm… just…” Uwe searched for some words to fill the gaps. None came, he just felt her soft hand holding his tightly. He let her lead him until they found their room.


Uwe sat bolt upright on the end of the bed as Silja closed the curtains. He realised he was wringing his hands into his lap. Silja sat down next to him leaving a polite gap between their hips. She held his hand and she smiled softly.

We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Silja said to him softly. She understood his reluctance.

Oh I do.. umm it’s just…. I’ve … never… you know..” Uwe felt like he was admitting leprosy or something. “I mean, I love you.. and all that.. but...”

But you don’t want to disappoint me…. Hmm?” Silja put the words into his mouth for him. She touched his face.. “You can’t... because I love you too.”

At this point, Uwe looked into her eyes fully, maybe for the first time that evening, and he saw something. He saw the deep emotion Silja was feeling. She scooted next to him. He felt her hip against his, then her arm around his waist.


Let’s just kiss…”






Uwe was wide awake. She lay against his side, breathing softly, sound asleep, naked, so soft. He took a deep breath and sighed it back out long, he looked at her.


Sil… You are wonderful….” he said softly even though she was sleeping.


The moonlight illuminated the thin curtains and Uwe could make out the dark wood of the door that the boy had come through a few hours earlier. Now he lay next to his lover, fulfilled. A man.


Wow!” he grinned into the quiet dark room.





Silja’s not back yet.” Joe mumbled grumpily as he climbed into bed next to Kirsten. “Where’s she tonight? Out with that Ollie or wassisname?”


Uwe.” Kirsten supplied.


That’s him. Oooweeee”


No it’s Oooveh” Kirsten supplied the correct phonetics.


Nevermind. It’s well past time she was back.” Joe chuntered as he scooted closer to Kirsten. “Dun’t she know Flags is a dangerous place this late at night. Y’dunno who’s creepin’ …...….. ‘Ere.. wot you smilin’ at?”


Nothing Joe. Goodnight.”


After a long long pause…




Ohhh Gawd…. She’s not…...”


Goodnight Joe.”






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((Yer familes about to get bigger Joe.

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... Just hope he knows what he's getting himself into.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Joe's girls. maybe comparing notes, maybe Joe's ears are burning.. who knows. Girl talk being what it is 


in the kitchen


I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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He's definately in the credit column as far as family are concerned.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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