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A Rite of passage [1]

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Silja’s old Inty rumbled along the road, the sun was setting behind. She smiled.


Pass some crisps, Uwe.”


Uwe reached forward and grabbed the bag from off the dashboard, opened the top and offered them across. Silja took a handful and skilfully munched them while still steering.


This is the road to Credit Bend isn’t it?” Uwe was looking out of his side window.




Is that where the party is?”




Oh…Who else is coming?”


Just me and you.” Silja turned and gave him her trademark smirk.




Special party. We’ve been dating three months. A sort of celebration, hmm?”


Uwe sat back in his seat. Was there a nice restaurant in Credit Bend?


He looked out of the window as Credit Bend came into view. He could not ignore the swarm of butterflies that he felt had begun to fill his stomach.





Anneka was asleep, Silja closed her book and turned out the light. She lay awake, thinking about Uwe. He was actually so sweet, over the last three months they had had a number of wonderful dates. Sometimes with Monika and Meike, sometimes just the two of them. All the time Uwe had been attentive, courteous, kind. The only thing that Silja saw as a problem was that he seemed a little too shy on the occasions when they were alone. He showed his shyness, even nervousness. Yes, there had been kissing, of course. The exciting last moments of an evening together outside on the doorstep, quiet laughter and comedy scenarios about ‘What would Joe say?’


Silja smiled. She really liked Uwe. He made her feel she was the most important girl in the world. Unlike that Chris, who dragged her around like some prize he had won.


But Chris had introduced her to sex. And sex being one of those things, once tasted, there is always a need for more.


And more than that, Silja wanted Uwe.



The next morning Silja called the motel in Credit Bend and made a reservation. Then she called Uwe and told him they had been invited to a party, maybe he should tell his Dad he could possibly be late home.


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(( 'Ere we bleedin' go again. We need a nanny for our nanny. *wonders if that lonely chair will take Uwe's weight or will he have to fork out fer a new one*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( I used to love hanging around in Credit Bend RPing.  I used to run "Security" for the hotel.  This will be interesting.

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