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"Why did you have me come all the way out here?" he said to his friend on the radio as he stepped out of a white car with black trim. He was dressed in typical Traveler armor. Masks, hats, trench coat, hand blades hanging off his sides.
"There is something I need your help with." the friend replied with a static voice as Petyr's boots made crunching sounds on the ground below. He had parked right outside a two-story house that looked like it was originally painted white but time was an enemy that turned it grey. The house itself was surrounded by nothingness, but Elysium was nearby so nobody but Ravens had probably been out this way in a long time.
He stepped up to the house and pushed open the door. His best friend stood there, dressed identitally in Traveler cloths, as if impatiently waiting.
"About time." he said casually. "Come on, lets go upstairs... I have friends for you to meet."

He missed his best friend. Being suddenly thrust into a slave trade operation like that was kind of awkward but it definitely led Petyr down a path he enjoyed... Usually. Looking down at the body in front of him reminded him of the old days. The twin holes in the chest of the recently deceased filled him with longing for the days when he wore the claws proudly while in his suit and mask. He didn't realize he had been so happy back then, until just now. In the moment it was a stressful, painful and sometimes just plain annoying life. Constantly getting hunted down, accused for things he did, and mostly accused for things he didn't do. Not to mention the pain he endured.
Shot in the head. Pissed on, literally, by an angry mob in the middle of Hope. Chest carved up by an angry ex. House burnt down... by a different angry ex. Mercenaries exploding in his face.
But for all the bad things there was fun too.
Being elected Mayor, somehow... Uh... Some other things too, he bet, scratching his head. Oh well. It was a fun life.

"Wish I could go back." he said with a sigh.


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Poor Petyr. Sometimes you just have to move on... Or maybe start afresh by going back to the beginning?

((Nice to seee you writing :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((oh Petyr you have so strange pasttimes. Good to see you write again!

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*gets a nice wiggly bug ready to drop down someones shirt*

((Wonderful to see you writing again!!!))

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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"Mercenaries exploding in his face."  - I miss those times.


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((So close to finally getting what I wanted, just for it to be stolen from me *sniffs* Should have known it'd be too good to be true.))


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