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Reikage Chronicles: Safe Word...

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“Shit…how much did I drink last night…” Reikage groaned trying to close his eyes as his head rang out in pain to an intrusive bright light shone in one of his eyes, but something kept him from doing so. Like any normal person he went to move his hand to get rid of whatever pesky thing was stopping this from happening, but he found he could not. A moment later his eye snapped shut and the light moved away from his face. In front of him stood three individuals dressed in dirty white ragged clothing. They had a familiar look to them, he paused as they whispered amongst themselves, trying to listen to what they were talking about.

              After a few squints of his eyes he looked up to discover why his arms where un responsive. He was hanging a few inches off of the ground, wrists tied to separate ropes that went up to the ceiling. He looked at the small group, “Look guys…,” the three of them paused and turned to look at Reikage. “I will be honest here, I do not remember anything from last night…” he paused a moment looking at the three. “So if someone can just remind me what the safe word was,” The three ragged looking individuals looked unamused, and one that looked particularly pissed off stepped forward and rammed a balled fist into Reikage’s stomach. The air instantly left his lungs he smirked hanging there taking in a few labored breathes. “Okay, okay…. your right safe words are over rated.” Another punch to the gut came. Catching his breath back the man grabbed Reikage’s neck and squeezed, the other two in white pulled the crazed man off of him. Again Reikage quipped, “Oh come on I was just about to…”

              “Everything is just a game to you isn’t it you spoiled brat!” One of the calmer men stepped forward slapping him in anger “Spoiled with the gift of eternal life, able to do whatever you want without a care.” Reikage stopped and stared at her dangling there a moment. “You all look familiar,” He looked the girl in her eyes, “Do I know you lot?” She reached a hand up and slapped him hard across the face. She grabbed him by his collar, spitting some curse at him then took a few steps back looking at the others. Reikage sighed “You guys are really new to this whole kidnapping torture thing eh.” He sighed, “Let me help you. First, ask me who I am.”

              The second man, who had been silent, stopped the larger angry one from hitting the dangling Reikage again as he stepped forward. “Okay boogeyman, who are you?” Reikage stopped a moment then gave out a short laugh. “That’s where I know you guys, your Frank’s friends.” The man twisted his head, “Who is Frank?” Reikage shrugged, as much as he could. “I didn’t know his name, and he was to dead to tell me before I burnt the bodies, looked like a Frank to me.” The man questioning Reikage looked taken back by the matter of fact tone that he had used in admitting he had killed their fellow friends. Reikage was looking around the room not paying much attention to them anymore. “Also, don’t call me that name again, it belongs to another man than me, and to be honest I never cared for it myself.”

              “Well can I kill him now? He just admitted to it.” The man that was clearly in charge held up a hand to quiet the other. “You are not going to argue this matter? Typically, one does that when they don’t want to die…” Reikage starred at the man, “Nope no argument, I killed em all. They were in a place that they should not have been. Really it was just your classic wrong place wrong time sort of thing. They were in my home when I arrived…or at least my clans home…or at least what used to be my clans home.” The man in charge was baffled then he paused a moment thinking…who lived in...“The Reavers were disbanded, they are no more.” He said responding to Reikage’s smug face. Reikage sighed “Ya, so people keep saying. Though Frank did try to tell me…maybe had I listen…no he’d still be dead. So it would seem I am not a Reaver anymore...I am just me again. Not that meant much to your friends.”

              The man shrugged “It is no matter anymore, you’re the one The Travelers are looking for anyway. Something about wanting to find Jones.” Reikage shook his head “Jones, why does that name keep coming up…so what is the play? Trade me for meager food and supplies…maybe prolong the cannibalism of your tribe for a little bit longer.” He soon found another fist shoved into his gut.  Once he found his breath again he looked at the man that had been punching him. “When I get loose im going rip your arm off and shove it up your ass.” The leader of their group turned walking out with the female, calling back to the other, “Xavier, play nice and don’t kill him…he will just come back in a pod somewhere. I am going to go make contact and see what they will give for him.” Xavier turned around and smiled at Reikage.




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You can't beat a good, old fashioned... er, beating. That makes sense, right?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Maybe Dwight can call by and offer advice, he has certain 'skills'...

But you would have to make appointment. He has to care for Hanne and does not like to be kept hanging around, 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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