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Reikage Chronicles: No Rest for the Wicked...

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((bored as crap at work))                                  

                              It was dark, for a moment at least, then the bright blue screen flickered to life with cracks running through it. The pod he was in must have been damaged, not that he would be in the right mind to even know that. For most being re-animated took a toll on the body for the first few seconds of your new 'life', and this experience was no different for Reikage. After spouting out some random reason he had been killed, of which he did not recall at all, the pod wished him luck with his new life and popped open. Reikage fell to his knees coughing, a man in a trench coat outlined in purple watched as he fell from the pod, "Come on Jones.....wait who the hell are you?" The man asked quizzically at the fact that someone he had not expected popped out of the pod, walking over to the terminal he banged it. "What the hell machine, this isn't Jones, fucking knew I shouldn't have used this busted piece of shit." Meanwhile Reikage struggled to get his bearings, "How long....," Reikage stood up shaking his body as best he could to get the blood pumping, and his limbs moving,"How long have I been out, and who are you?" The man turned around, Reikage could recognize his gear now that his eye site was back. The Traveler turned around, "Look mate, I don't know who you are. I was supposed to be waiting here for...." Reikage stepped forward and punched the man in the face as he turned around, then followed up with a second hit. The man stumbled back against the panels that controlled the pod, crimson running from a small gash above his right eye. He went to draw the gun strapped to his leg, but Reikage moved a hand to meet his pushing the gun back into the holster, and grabbed the man by the neck. "Try that again and I will kill you slowly then I rework this shit pod to spit you out as a zombie." The Traveler moved his hand away from the gun hilt. "Good, Now who sent you here?" Reikage released the grip on his throat slightly as the man held onto his arm, and took a gasp of air in. "I aint telling you shit amigo." Reikage scoffed and tightened the grip, "Travelers, think your something until the shit hits the fan then you always turn tail and run." Reikage punched the man with his free hand again, as he rebounded of the paneling he grabbed his coat and pulled the man towards him quickly headbutting him. Reikage stumbled back shaking his head slightly dazed from his own hit. "Fuck, still not all there I guess." he mumbled to himself. Looking over he noticed that the other man had just crumpled to the ground passed out.

                                 As soon as he regained his bearings Reikage took the mans clothes and weapons from him. Pulling a set of knives from the bag he carved the Traveler's coat up, cutting the arms from the sleeves, and the tail end off so that it was just the armor plate for the most part, and slid it on. Reikage knew the Traveler family clans well, he had been one at some point in time. He left them to join what everyone else assumed to be a chaotic group of CHOTA known as The Reavers, but they were more family to him then the Traveler clans ever were. He then took the rest of the man's gear and either put it on or tossed it into the pack. Reikage started towards the steps, looking back at the busted pod he pulled his new pistols out, and shot an entire clip into the thing. "Have fun walking back to The Family." he muttered as he threw the door to the outside open. It was night time, but still hot. Sweat beaded down his forehead and he felt the sting of an open wound, a result of knocking his head into the other mans improperly. After wiping the sweat and blood from the wound he pulled a pair of googles over his eyes to protect from the dust that started to stir in the air. Walking to a bike that he figured went to the key found in the Traveler's pocket, he mounted it "How long has it been?" He wondered out loud. He recognized a howl in the distance, he was in the Alpha lands....but why. "Lets get outta here beautiful." he patted the bike and started it up, on his way to The Reavers hang out, and a few other places....unsure of what he would find. The last things he recalled was trying to get beyond the borders of this hell hole, and to South America. That obviously went well...


Joe Spivey's picture

Ah, you're 700 years too early for South America :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Ya lol, last thing he was doing was trying to go see what was left of the place himself. Wait....to early?


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 "The Traveler turned around, "Look mate, I don't know who you are. I was supposed to be waiting here for...." Reikage stepped forward and punched the man in the face as he turned around, "

Nice to see you haven't changed, this made me laugh out loud the moment I read it 

Lock all the doors and kill the lights no one's coming home tonight

Change, eh might a little, but not much :D Glad ya liked it.


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Good to see you post Reikage. 


Glad to see another person I know still around lurking around here. Sad I wasnt around for the disbanning of Reavers, I know you had sent me a message about getting on for it. Just wasn't able to :/


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