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Reikage Chronicles: The End of an Era…

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              He had been on the bike a few hours when Flagstaff came into view. Once upon a time Flagstaff had a nice skyline, most of the larger cities did. Now days it looked like something that had died, and the vultures had already picked clean, but the bones stood there in defiance refusing to be erased from the world completely no matter how pointless it seemed. His thoughts drifted to before the fall of the world.

              His name was Vincent then, a playboy living it up off of daddy’s money. Thinking about that stage of his life made him sick to his stomach. How useless he was to back then, always out at some city picking women up at the most popular night spots. He laughed a little to himself as he stopped the bike in the middle of the towns would be bazaar, an open park that served as a gathering place for everyone to sell whatever garbage they could salvage in the wastes. Sometimes you could find some interesting things…most of the time it was garbage.

              He sat there on the motorcycle for a moment putting the kickstand down watching people going on about their day haggling. Reikage spotted a man across the park being dragged into an ally by two larger men, who then began to pummel him as a third came up and blocked the alley off. Reikage chuckled whispering to himself, “and the meek shall inherit the Earth...” After a few moments of not noticing anyone in particular he put the kick stand back up and started towards the local watering hole. He needed a drink.

              The bartender was wiping down a counter when Reikage walked in, it was roughly midday now so the place was quiet. “Rough day? What can I pour for you?” the man asked as Reikage came to rest against the bar. “Two shots of Whiskey,” he pulled the gator down from over his face, and moved his googles up to rest on top of his head. “Two shots of whi….” The bartender had retrieved some glasses and the whiskey, turning around to notice Reikage. He paused a moment, and then poured the drinks. “There ya go sir,” Reikage went to grab one of the glasses and the man put a hand over it quickly, “That will be 10 chips,” Reikage looked at the man somewhat quizzically like, “Reaver’s aint no more, aint got to put up with you drinking all my danmed booze anymore.” Reikage could hear a gun being cocked behind the counter, “Just give me the chips, and we can go on about our day like civilized people.” Reikage smirked at the man.

              Back at the Reaver’s base Reikage had left, a couple of the ‘squatters’ he had killed the night before found the mess that was their comrades piled into a nice crispy stack of charred flesh. Their heads on crude spikes surrounding a sign that read ‘Beware the Boogeyman’ written in what they could only assume was their friends blood.

              Reikage walked out of the bar holding two shots. One shot he lifted up in the direction of old base, dumped it to the ground, and then tossed the other shot back. Placing the two empty glasses on the railing, it groaned in protest as he leaned against it thinking for a moment. Hearing the bartender’s crying about ‘his hand’ and being ‘stuck to the bar’ broke him from his thoughts. Reikage chuckled a bit stacking 10 chips next to the glasses, and headed towards his bike.


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... He did have a point though. I mean, before he got the point.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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