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Reikage Chronicles: Empty Spaces…

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              Reikage knew that The Reaver’s activity had gone down, considerably, around the time he had left. Hell it was one reason he decided to leave, but to let these lowly squatters occupy their home. He sat on a table looking at the dead that now littered the place he once called home. The group had been parading around inside his clan’s home as if it were there’s. Now they decorated the floor. To be fair he had asked them to leave, at least he was pretty sure he did.

              Sheathing a blade at his hip he rummaged through the pack he lifted from the Traveler that mistakenly woke him. The journey to The Reaver’s Sanctuary had taken some time, and he was sad at what he found. “No one home Dale,” He looked at the dead man that was propped up on the bench he was sitting on. “Eh, you look like more of a Frank honestly.” He reached over to Frank’s shirt pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and lighter. After lighting one up and taking a drag he continued his conversation, “Frank, where are my brothers and sisters?” he paused taking another drag and thinking a moment as if listening to someone. “I know I was not the ideal Reaver…I was always more Traveler than CHOTA.” He shrugged and lightly punched Frank’s shoulder, “Yes I liked my chips, but I was not going to let anyone tell me what I could and could not do. I mean that was the whole point right? Hell, died a few times to Molly’s bitch ass for that reason alone.”

              He stood up smirking and tossed the cigarette at one of the other bodies lying around and winced at a few cuts along his arm only noticing as the adrenaline died down from the skirmish that ended moments ago. He then noticed other cuts, and a few bullets that were scattered along the chest plate he wore. “Fuck that was pretty close Frank.” He pried one of the rounds close to the top of the plate out and examined it. “Fuck it…I guess I believe you Frank.” He stated turning back to the prompt up corpse, flicking the bullet at him. The dead man, 'Frank', had told him what he knew of the Reavers in his last moments, hoping it would spare his life. Then he sighed falling against a concrete pillar, “Reaver’s disband, the big guy offs himself, and you all moved in. Fuckin hell…” After a few moments he began to bandage his wounds, “All the while I am off tending to my fucking mind…and where did I get with that Frank?” shaking his head he finished bandaging himself up, “Fucking right back here Frank…”

              He sighed tired now the memories of the people he had come to call family flooding back to him, friends he had made before that…and enemies. “Suppose I was a shit friend and brother…” and with that he laid his head back against the pillar and passed off partly humming, partly signing an old toon, “And his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him.”


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I'm thinking, maybe, a wall of some kind kind? Keep the squatters out?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Good idea, lol, will take it under considration


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Structure on your paragraphs are much better. Second paragraph had me smirking about it. 

A good read, kept me entertained all the way through. 


Also, Aiid was "Revived" But the story never continued from when his body was materializing, Molly Red and Luvana were the ones trying to revive him with the aiid (Pun intended) of a tech. So I'm not sure where the story went. 


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