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Rear Window [7]

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Exuding his aire of administrative efficiency, Dwight opened the four folders on the desk in front of Hanne.

In all honesty there were not many sheets of paper inside. Two possibly three mentions of minor misdemeanours concerning affray and some small scale drug peddling. Clipped to the top right hand corner were Police mug-shots of each man. Well, they looked more like boys really.

There’s not much here Dwight. Are you sure these….”

Oh absolutely, Miss Berg.” Dwight nodded with certainty in his face. “My.. umm.. informant… yes .. Informant, was quite.. co-operative.”

Hanne glanced at Dwights face. The smile was thin, slightly disturbing in fact. From that smile she accepted that the files were of people that needed to be considered

She committed the four faces to memory quickly and read the scant information before closing and handing the files back to Dwight with a polite thank you. Dwight retreated back into the outer office closing the door with a mere click behind him.

Hanne stood and returned yet again to the window this time her mind digesting the new information.

Below in the Plaza, she watched as again Silja deposited Anneka into the child-seat in Kirstens car. The car left the Plaza heading north towards ‘Chez-Spivey’ followed closely by Joe’s ‘not-quite-so-elegant’ vehicle. Family evening, family meal, one would assume.

And as usual Silja jumped into her car and left the Plaza to the South, tearing up the grass and pebbles a little. Hanne’s assumption here that now was Silja’s time off. A couple of hours of liberty before returning to the Kjaer-Spivey household to attend to the child’s bedtime.

So where do you go, sister-of-mine? “ Hanne murmured the question to herself as she slid the binoculars into her draw and closed it.

Hanne turned over the possibilies in her mind. South? Hope Springs maybe?… Tuki was in Hope Springs and Hanne knew how close Tuki and Silja had been. Close friends, the way teenage girls could be. So close a ciggy paper would not get between them.

She had seen this friendship manifest while Tuki had stayed with them on the farm for a while. Hanne had watched their girlie giggling and chatting while they sat in the sunshine.

Hanne felt a small pang of envy. She had wished for such a friend in her early teenage years, but the other girls always kept a distance from her. Or was it because she had made herself unapproachable. Any friend eventually would visit her home.

And meet her constantly inebriate parents. Then marvel at how the sink could actually contain so many dirty dishes. And then deeply inhale fetid week old cat shit odour from the neglected tray by the back door. No, maybe better to keep others at arms length, even though it made her feel so empty.

Life at the farm though was much more pleasant. Henning had finally given up drinking himself into oblivion. That was primarily due to Silja. The shock of meeting his long, long lost daughter, and the way his whisky hazed handling of the first meeting had pretty much ruined any lasting chance of reconciliation with Silja.

Ok so Silja had stayed with them at the farm for some time. But Hanne knew that the stay was only prolonged by the fact Tuki was visiting. Once Tuki had gone back home it was only a matter of days before Silja had packed a clandestine bag and followed the road south

The cold inescapable fact was. Silja hated her father. Henning was the root cause for everything bad in her life. She had tried to play ‘Happy Family’ and could not. Henning was to blame. Henning could never be forgiven.

And by association, Hanne herself was as bad as their father.

Hanne stepped back from the window breathing a long long sigh. She wanted her sister to recognise their blood-bond, accept her care. But there was little chance of that. Hanne now could only care for Silja from a distance.

By now the outer office was empty, Dwight had gone home. Hanne closed the heavy office door behind her and locked it. Tomorrow morning she would drive down to Hope Springs.




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((I'm trying really really hard to feel sorry for Hanne. But every time time it seems to end with a fleshy splat... and some times a pair of startled lovers.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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