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Rear Window [5]

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Not his face !! “

Dwight looked up from his initial appraisal of the boy and cast a puzzled glance.


Fat Eric had opened the door enough to allow the largesse of his upper torso to peer back into the room.

Not his face… “ Fat Eric smiled his usual smile but this was tinged with a hint of concern. “ I think he looks rather cute, I might keep him as a pet afterwards. Once your done with him. So not his face, hmm?.. or.. well certain other… bits ? “

Eric smiled and nodded enthusiastically as he extracted himself back out of the doorway and closed the door behind him .

Dwight leaned forward over the lean looking young man, The young man looked back with every bit of defiance he could muster, even though he was secured to what was in fact an old barbershop chair. The thick leather straps held fast his wrists, feet, waist and neck.

The young man spat out at Dwight, “ Oi ain’t sayin’ nuffink.”

Not even your name ?” Dwight peered at the face of young man, a calm smile crossed his lips. Calm but with a hint of anticipation.

Oi ain’t sayin’ nuffink.” . The young man repeated. Dwight sighed

I will forgive you the double-negative “ Dwight stood up, still smiling benignly at his guest. “ But by using the double-negatives… Ain’t… and nuffink.. you are affirming that you will, in fact be having a nice little chat with me.. and fairly soon, to be honest.”

Fak awfe “

Dwight narrowly avoided the spittle as his attention was taken by the appearance of Jeeves by the table, holding a varnished wooden case in his white gloved hands. The case was about the size of a small suitcase but it sported a shiny brass handle, the hinges and catch were also shiny brass. Clearly it’s owner was a very meticulous person, proud of his possession. Dwight was that proud owner.

Dwight unbuttoned his jacket and hung it on a nearby hook. The hook was at the end of a heavy chain, the chain was attached to a pulley. Dwight followed the chain with his eyes, smiling approvingly before returning to his. .. lets say, client.

Don’t spoil the fun by talking to soon.” Dwight’s face had lost some of its mild mannered accountant look, it had been replaced by something much more malevolent. “ But do tell me your name. “

No fakkin comment”

Dwight sighed “Fine.. I’m going to call you Keith. Simply because it rhymes with ‘teeth’ “ Dwight raised an eyebrow to see if ‘Keith’ had realised the subtle threat. If the penny hadn’t already dropped for Keith, the look on Dwight’s darkening face should have given a very obvious hint.


Dwight had crossed to the wooden box and flipped the brass catches. He raised the lid so Keith could well see the contents, arranged as they were in cut-outs in the foam inside.

I call this my ‘Stazi’ Play Kit’“ .Dwight chuckled softly at his own whimsy

He took something out of the case.

This is one of my favourites...” Dwight held up a rather ornate brass implement and showed Keith, proudly. “It’s called a ‘Pear’ . What we do is insert it... Erm, lets say somewhere where your grandmother would not kiss you better, hmm? . Then…. “

Dwight operated the screw mechanism and the ‘Pear’ opened like a flower. The young man went visibly paler.

Sadly, I think Fat Eric doesn’t want that part of you damaged.. Never mind. I’m sure I can find something….. ? Ah .. Perfect. I always loved German engineering. These pliers are so reliable. Even after so many years service.”

Dwight span the adjusting mechanism on the pliers to a useful width. His face had lost all its charm, his eyes became dark.

Keith. In the chair, had lost much of his bravado. And come to think of it probably control of his bladder judging by the dark patch spreading on the crotch of his ‘Branded’ track-pants. He struggled and whimpered in the seat as Dwight forced his jaw open.

Now, Keith.. The keywords I am looking for tonight are... ‘Spivey’ ‘Child’ ‘Kidnap’ Oh yes, and several names… and that’s just to begin with”

Dwight Frye was beginning to enjoy his business trip an awful lot more now.



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Lol. Absolutely the best point to end this episode! Also rather poignant considering my recent dental experiences. Ouch.

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