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Rear Window [2]

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The phone the table had actually rang four times before Hanne snapped out of her thoughts and finally answered it.

"Hallo ?"  She enquired and instantly recognised the high camp voice at the other end.

" Miss Berg, Miss Berg, Miss Berg ! I heared you were returning to work and I just couldn't resist giving you a little  'welcome back' tinkle..  How are you, dearie? "

" Fat Eric... "  Hanne smiled to herself, " It seems one cannot sneeze without you saying 'gesundheit' for me. I am fine, thank you for asking. And you ?"

Several minutes and many many pleasantries later. Including much praise for 'that charming Mr. Frye' for 'holding the fort' in Hanne's absence. Especially in the case of the disloyalty of one of Fat Eric's overseers.

" .....  it took us all simply AGES to find the poor chaps head.  What fun ! Anyway, if you could ask Mr.Frye to call soon and I will personally settle the invoice with him. "

" I will ask him to call there soonest, Eric. Take care, and thanks for the call. Bye !"

Hanne found herself smiling as she set the phone back in it's cradle. 

Hanne instructed Dwight to drive up to Trader Flats to meet up with Fat Eric. She knew that Dwight would certainly not be back in New Flagstaff until late morning, next day.

After Dwight had left, Hanne found herself at the rear window again, Carl Zeiss binoculars in hand. She watched for some time, following Silja and the child. She watched them as they packed up thier pondside picnic. She watched as they made their way from the pond towards Joe at his office. 

She watched as a shining expensive car drew up and a tall Thai looking woman dressed in elegant clothes got out of the car, closely followed by an excitable blonde puppy. She watched as the child ran and pounced onto the puppy, almost hugging it into extiction. The puppy replied by wagging it's tail furiously, licking the childs face, causing much more merriment from the child and happy smiles from the adults around.

She watched as Silja packed the stroller and the picnic basket into the rear of the expensive car then strapped the infant into the baby seat. Finally the woman, and Joe got into the car and it drove off north, leaving Silja waving, but alone by Joe's 'office'.

Hanne though for a moment it may be a good moment to go down into the plaza and meet with her step-sister. 

But almost at the same time, alone but smiling happily, Silja crossed to her own car and drove off, she headed south. Presumably she had the rest of the afternoon free. 

Perhaps meeting with Silja was not for the best. Hanne was about to put the binoculars back in the drawer when something else piqued her curiosity. She trained the binoculars to this new scene

Just at the top of the stairs to the cloning bunker stood two men. The thing that drew her attention was the fact that one of them was writing onto a notepad,  the other was talking to him, close. Almost into his ear. A few seconds later they both disappeared into the bunker. The scene only lasted a few seconds and half that time Hanne was trying to get better focus from the binoculars. 

It could have beeen something quite innocent, quite innocuous. Just a normal everyday happening. But Hanne's nose was itching..


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((Sets up the comfy chair, fluffs the cushions, makes tea and sits down. Reaches for a biscuit... Gets up, fetches the biscuit tin. Sits down again, takes the lid off the tin... Nips to the shop to buy biscuits.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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