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Rear Window [13]

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Dwight Frye shuffled some papers on his desk. He watched Hanne’s silhouette through the smoked glass screen. He could hear her muffled voice and see the gesticulations of her left hand while the right held the phone to he ear. He saw when she slammed the phone down and watched her turn to face out of her office window, hands on hips.

He looked away as the silhouette strode towards the office door and only when Hanne had wrenched the door open did he look again. The anger was plain on her face. Dwight knew why.

She looked at him, tight lips and eyes full of cold fire. She took a stride back and indicated Dwight to come into the office and sit down. Dwight complied sheepishly, avoiding eye contact as he walked past Hanne and sat in the visitor chair. Hanne took her place in her desk chair.

Hanne spoke, voice filled with the anger Dwight expected.

I’ve just spent a very uncomfortable fifteen minutes on the phone to Fat Eric explaining how Keith met with an unfortunate accident last night. I am NOT happy Dwight!”

Hanne’s glare cut through Dwight like cold blue lasers. Dwight shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Dwight lowered his eyes in embarrassment. His mind filled with the events of the previous night. How he had awoken during the night, ejected from a vivid nightmare. Remembering how ‘Mother’s’ crystalline eyes had filled him with dread. How she had scratched her eight black legs over his bare chest. How he sweated. How she demanded blood. The many dark slithering shapes of Mother’s hoard of arachnids crawled behind her, hissing ‘kill kill kill’. ‘Mother’ needed Dwight to kill for her.

Awakened, Dwight had sat in the corner of his room, arms wrapped around drawn up legs, rocking. He had to do it. ‘Mother’ told him to.


Hanne’s sharp question brought Dwight back sharply into the present.

We were done with him ?” Dwight gave Hanne his most apologetic look.

Yes! But Fat Eric wanted him back, you knew Fat Eric had... Plans!… for him, right?”

Hanne paused, Dwight drew breath to reply.

Never mind ! That ship has sailed” Hanne cut him off curtly. “Give me your report on yesterday’s surveillance.”

Hanne sat tight lipped, her eyes still filled with anger. Dwight drew breath, his thoughts now focussed, concise. He cleared his mind of the detritus of the last light and replaced it with his professional, efficient clarity. It seemed easy to do that, to slip from one mindset to the other, perhaps it was too easy.

Dwight cleared his throat and began.

The main thing I have to report, pertaining to the current investigation is a conversation I overheard around midday between Anson and Bartram. Bartram being one of the suspects. File number four.”

Dwight slid the Bartram file towards Hanne.

What I overheard was Anson bragging to Bartram about ‘that stupid ‘slandic bitch’ and somewhat graphically described a sexual act that I presume took place the previous evening.”

Hanne kept her face as it had been for the last few minutes, not allowing a trace of her thoughts show.

Anson then went on to boast about how the ‘silly cow’ said that she loved him, and how she had’ absolutely no idea he was only ‘fucking her’ to get close to ‘Spivey’s brat’. Bartram evidently found this highly amusing and inquired as to how good she was in ‘the sack’ and if Anson would ‘give him a go after the show’ To which Anson said ‘sure’”

Hanne snapped the pencil she was holding. But kept her face stoic.

That was all I heard if their conversation, they then proceeded to The Bunker Bar.”

Hanne nodded.

Thank you. Anything else?”

Dwight nodded

You mentioned clowns.”

Hanne nodded

There were some youths that I know work for Joe Spivey. They were talking about a some birthday party that ‘Mrs. Joe’ is giving in The Orphanage and that there would be a clown attending.”

Hanne heard the clink as the penny dropped.

Dwight, go to the records and find the birth date of Anneka Kjaer-Spivey.”

Dwight went into the main office to rummage through one of his filing cabinets. Hanne pushed several pieces of her mental jigsaw puzzle into place.

A few minutes later, Dwight handed Hanne a slip of paper. Hanne read the date then looked at Dwight, the stoic visage gone…


But this is tomorrow !” 


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((Ahh, Dwight has his own demons eh? On another note, I am sure Annie will be the only one who is dissapointed if the clown doesn't... er, make it. But I'm sure a big enough lolly-pop will fix that. Personally, I wouldn't want to be in Silja's shoes just now.

Okay, ready for the next installment :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( That's right Sherlock, Dwight has demons ;P  (sorry that was rude but too funny not to put )

next instalment just as soon as  ermm..  I'm making this up as I go along dammit !!

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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(( Faktisk, Dwight is so schitzo even his alter-ego has a split personality...he is so not there..

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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I wondered what that five mile stare was all about. :/

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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