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Rear Window [12]

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Hanne concentrated on the scene. She smiles as several times some mothers pulled their children, giving Dwight a wide berth. She was not sure if it was the sight or the smell which urged caution. Or both.

At one point a group of scruffy kids larked around near Dwight, pushing and shouting at each other. She surmised from their appearance they were orphanage kids or possibly some of Joe Spiveys ‘workers’. After a while one of the older kids decided it would be fun to taunt the derelict, egged on by some others in the group.

She watched as pace by pace the boy neared Dwight. With each step she watched boldness and caution interchange on the boy’s face. Dwight for his part just stared straight ahead, ignoring the brat.

Finally the boy thought it a good idea to pick up a small stone and fling it at Dwight. The stone struck Dwight on the arm. Dwight turned and looked at the boy, coldly. The boy made eye contact and froze as the deeply malevolent, cold sadistic glare in Dwight’s eyes paralysed him for a few seconds. Poor kid almost shat himself there and then. That was enough. The boy turned and legged it. The other kids, on seeing the derelict’s glance followed suit almost as instantly. Hanne smirked. She had seen that stare often enough in the past, in all fairness it had an unsettling effect even on her.

Hanne’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden knocking on the office door. She started and felt the adrenaline rush. She stubbed out her fifth cigarette and paused to take her revolver from the desk drawer before going to the door.

She opened the door cautiously, the gun behind her back.

Halloooo !” Came the camp falsetto greeting.

She opened the door fully to reveal Fat Eric’s rotund frame.

“ Miss Berg ! How nice to see you face to face after such a long time.”

Hanne looked past Fat Eric’s shoulder. Behind Eric was a burly looking dark suited figure complete with CIA haircut and shades. Hanne glanced at Eric questioningly.

Ohh don’t mind him, he’s with me.”

Eric gushed by way of explanation. Hanne stepped back a pace and allowed Eric into the office. Eric stepped inside closely followed by the goon, who propelled a handcuffed stringy young man before him. In all fairness, Hanne had not seen the youth, eclipsed as he was by Fat Eric’s bulk. Again she shot Fat Eric a questioning glance.

This is Keith". Eric announced then paused.

“We think.. Keith was the name Mister Frye gave him.”

Oh.. I see.”

Hanne, still non the wiser, looked at the wretch. Clearly Dwight had been in some contact with him. His eyes were blackened and sunken, he looked very unsteady on his feet. Clearly the goon had also propelled him up the stairs in order to get him to the office. Finally and most obviously, ‘Keith’ had no teeth.

Where IS Mr. Frye?”

Fat Eric indicated the empty seat at Dwight’s desk.

Hanne tore her attention from the pathetic figure in the bloodstained tracksuit.

Dwight? Oh he is on an errand, he will be gone most of the day Eric. Tell me, What can we do for you today?”

Eric smile through his beard.

Keith here wants to look at some pictures”

Eric emphasised the word ‘wants’ indicating that Keith had no choice in the matter.

“He also might want to answer any questions you may have for him. Is there somewhere we can make him….comfortable?”

Hanne nodded. She collected the case files from Dwight’s desk and lead Eric, Keith and the goon down the stairs to the basement.

Things got off to a poor start. As soon as Keith began to mumble ‘No comment’ to Hanne’s first question, the goon backhanded a fist into the side of Keith’s head and knocked him clean off the stool onto which he had been perched, still handcuffed, only a few moments earlier.

Hanne lit a cigarette and leaned back in her chair. Fat Eric giggled, clearly enjoying himself as the good replaced Keith back on the stool.

Hanne sighed,

“Lets be clear, Keith. I am a busy woman. I don’t have time to spend waiting for you to co-operate. We can either have a meaningful discussion now.. Or we can wait for Mr. Frye to come back from his errand. What shall it be?"

Keith painfully looked back at Hanne through swollen eyes. Hanne could see that the mere threat of another interview with Dwight terrified the wretch. Eric clapped his hands gleefully.

Hanne raised an eyebrow at Keith impatiently. Her cold blue eyes penetrating, freezing his soul. Keith nodded dejectedly.

Good.. you are very wise.“

Hanne opened the file and showed Keith some photographs.

Hanne then turned to Eric who was now looking at little disappointed. Mainly because the kid was compliant.

This may take some time Eric. There’s a rather good cafe nearby. And of course my ’client’ may prefer less ears involved”

Hanne followed her request with a polite smile, lowering her face, looking up. She nodded a suggestive affirmation towards Eric. Eric nodded


“’I’ll leave Gilbert here with you. Just in case you need some help hmm?”

Hanne smiled and nodded. “Two hours?”

Okey Dokey Hanne. Good Luck !”

With that Fat Eric headed for the stairs and a nice lunch.

When she was sure Eric had gone, Hanne turned her attention back to the boy, putting the pile of photograph under his nose.

She shot a quick glance up at Gilbert. Gilbert was being professionally distant. Hanne dealt a photograph off the bottom of the stack. Silja.


What can you tell me about this girl.. ?”





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((I guess keith is about to take a drive on the information superhighway... well, as far as the nearest bridge anyway.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Fat Eric


"Just popping out to the 'Day-Mart'. Anyone want anything?"

"Duct Tape. turning "No ! No ! No !  into mmph mmph mmph since 1942"

Joe Spivey's picture

((He reminds me of a characyter from a TV show called 'Penny Dreadfull'. Pretty much how I imagined him :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Hanne Berg's picture

(( The only detail I missed was the white socks, :D

"Duct Tape. turning "No ! No ! No !  into mmph mmph mmph since 1942"

Hanne Berg's picture

(( The only detail I missed was the white socks, :D

"Duct Tape. turning "No ! No ! No !  into mmph mmph mmph since 1942"

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Later that night, Dwight was restless. And Keith realised he had outlived his usefulness..

Dwight Frye

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Looks like Dwight doesn't want to axe any more questions so Keith is in for the chop.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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