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A Proper Deal

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Damion sat back in the char absentmindedly flipping a knife in his hand as he recalled the conversation with Finny.  The small blade slipped between his fingers and rolled across the back of his hand as if it was alive.  The red chip he was previously been doing the same thing with was sitting at the edge of the table.  If Finny returned with the item he wanted she would leave here with the chip, no questions asked, and the deal was between them.  No one would be told.  They had even “spit an’ shook” on the deal.  Finny’s idea, but he found humor in it and had complied. 

She had turned down his offer to work for him as a spy, bringing him information in exchange for further payments.  Damion did not push the issue reading that she would just agree, only to inform Joe of what Damion wanted. He admired that she was that loyal, and could not fault her for it.

She also declined the training, as she was clearly uncomfortable with having her mind read, and preferred to avoid any further experience if she could.  Damion agreed he would not scan her further without her consent, and broke the connection as she requested.  Another handshake salad that agreement as well, and put her at ease.

She then took off to wherever she had he secret stash, and returned with a grin till she saw the blade.  Her guard immediately went up and she topped at the door. “Wots that for?”  Damion stopped spinning it and placed it on the table, stepping back.  “A gift.” He replied.

“Why?” Finny asked “We completed our deal.  I ain’t doing anymore fer’ ya.  So why the blade?”

Damion held up his hands. “It is just a gift, no strings.  I had it in my jacket and was practicing with it.  I thought I would offer it to you as a gift for completing your first business deal with me.”

Finny relaxed a little and walked in.  “OK then, we trade and then we are done.”  She put the Plastic rod on the table and picked up the red chip, which promptly vanished from site.  Then she picked up the small blade, and looked at it.  “It looks weird, what is this pattern?”

Damion smiled at her attention to the blade. “It is Carbon Fiber.  It is very light as you can see, but just as strong as steel.  And very sharp so be careful.”

Damion unhooked the sheath from his belt and handed it to Finny.  “Keep it clean and dry, make it part of you.  It is a valuable tool that could save your life one day.”

Damion held out his hand and stood tall. “It has been nice doing business with you Finny.  Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.  I will be happy to work with you again.”  With a half bow, Damion walked out leaving Finny with her payment and her gift.  He made it halfway down the hall, and chuckled when he heard a “WOO HOO!” come from the room.


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((You've made a little girl very happy... not to mention incredibly rich for an eight year old. It has been fun watching Finny taking this little aside from her storyline.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Thank you for allowing me the leeway to write my take on the exchange. Damion has a soft spot for helping youth develop quickly to survive in the world that chews them up and spits them out.  Those has sen him interact with Cannie have viewed that.

Now off to figure out what Damion can do with his prize. :)

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((I've enjoyed reading this so damn much))



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