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Prickly temper

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Luka stepped out of the lab door and breathed deep the fresher air outside. The lab was not smelling so good. He was beginning to suspect the moisture making mud, perfect for shampoos, or so the Traveller guy had told to him, the mud which smelled of creeper dung, was creeper dung.

He ran fingers through his hair. At first it worked well, it mixed well with the water, good moisture to the hairs, probably full of good nutrients. He thought perhaps this was the one to make the fortune. He could make lots more, perhaps pay Veronica to help, put it in nice bottles, give it a nice name like "New Flagstaff Mist", send to other towns. However, there was one little problem, after using it, the hair once dry, smelled bad. Very bad.

A woman in the Nature shop opposite side of the road moved a tall plant outside the shop door. She looked over to Luka and smiled. He looked around, then smiled back and waved. The woman waved back. Luka gave a single nod. The woman nodded back, understanding the message and giving her reply. She disappeared back into the Nature shop.

'See you later,' Luka muttered to himself. 'This time we must move that cactus. Once was unfortunate, but twice was careless.' He rubbed his backside in memory before returning into the lab leaving the door open behind him.

He had only just walked inside when he heard someone enter, he turned around to see some blue hair sticking up. It was that Dogshark man, or was it Sharkdog, he could not remember. Friend of Veronica. Almost as crazy as her.

'Hi Luka,' the Sharkdog-dogshark man said cheerfully. 'Hair is looking good.'

Luka grumbled something in reply.

Sharkdog glanced to the lab equipment before asking 'Can you smell something?'

'No,' Luka said firmly. 'Why are you here?'

'Have you seen Veronica arounds?' the Sharkdog added.

'She is exploring,' he said, 'probably she is looking for junk to make things.'

'Do you know where?' Sharkdog asked.

'No,' Luka said before adding 'Maybe. She sent something.' He picked up a paper envelope from a table. 'I know it is from her as she forgot to pay the Rider post again,' he grumbled. 'More chips to add to her rent.'

Sharkdog watched as Luka open the envelope. There was something inside. Luka looked at it, then turned it over, looked at it again before sighing. Without asking Sharkdog took the item from him and looked. It was a photograph from one of the Techmade cameras.


Sharkdog smiled remembering taking the photograph. He turned it over and read the message on the other side.

'Can you tell which one is the cactus?'

He chuckled. 'You must tell about this story of you and the cactus' he said before looking up to find Luka glaring at him. 'Or maybe not,' he added.

'Anything else?' Luka asked snatching the photograph back.

'I guess not,' Sharkdog said. 'Are you sure you can not smell something?'

'NO!' Luka snapped back. 'I am very busy. I have things to do before the evening.'

'Okay, keep your hair on,' Sharkdog said before turning around and leaving the lab.

Luka heard the laughing from outside. He grumbled something to himself and then went to wash his hair.



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Reading VV stories always requires a second readthrough since I missed this german-english joke the first time around - "New Flagstaff Mist"  *groan*

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((Ok, maybe it's because it's 7am or maybe because I'm just dumb... 'New Flagstaff Mist'?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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"Mist" is the German word for what is making Luka's shampoo smell terrible

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((Ahhh right... but i thought that was... nevermind. I'll add it to my German lexicon. Thanks Sharky.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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