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The possibilities are endless

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Synn sat in his office.  Life was slow, and he was getting bored.  Abyss was safely stored away in the LifeNet pod he had the Techs re-engineer.  Knowing his little brother was in a virtual dream that was a quiet normal life, was one of the personal goals he was proud of achieving.   Most gangs or major player in the canyon were gone.  Rumors always surfaced of this return or that sighting, but nothing proved valid.

“I gotta get my ass out of this chair and get my boots dirty again.”  Synn muttered to himself.

Looking through the piles of paper that had been dropped on his desk by his information gatherers, Synn started by absently tossing all the Spivey Industries fliers aside knowing that would eliminate half the trash he did not need to read. Postings for new restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues we eliminated next.  They came and went by the dozens.  Solicitations of any kind offering this service or that went last.

When he was finished, Synn had 3 fliers that sparked his interest.  The first advertising a need for help setting up a Gentlemen’s Club.  The second was the return of House of Spokes.  The third was a random flyer about a fight club looking for members.


“Time to go see if any of these are worth my time.” Synn grabbed his vest, and the keys to his bike.


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(( He seems considerably less murdery than I remember. What have I missed? :P

Lonely are the brave...

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(( You may be thinking of Abyss, Damion's twin brother.   Abyss is a psycotic CHOTA.  Damion is a Traveler Businessman.  Legitmate of course ;)

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(( Aha. Not going bonkers yet then.

Lonely are the brave...

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((Not yet.  But anything can be arranged foir the right price. :)

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Hey! Those fliers cost money! Someone has to pay the guys to intimidate the printers you know.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Don't have to pay the guys. Just arrange a nice ride around the Northfields in a car trunk for those printers! 


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No need for that.  Printers can be very agreeable to trade for Photos of after a Waffelhus Party.  Get a video and they will work up whatever you ask. Wink

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