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Poppa dont preach

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((Not one word about the title! I hate Madonna!))


I tells Nimo days go thats poppa send messenger to me so's poppa cans sees me, just me. Tells me poppa goes to Bonesclaw for stuffs he needs does there and to meets him there.  Didnts take long since Warchief Strongarm let me comes now after I fixes girl Jacob brokeded.

Poppa come day later. I gets takened to Warchief and I listens as they talk. I sees poppa look overs every few minutes. Funny thing, I cants read him like besfore. So muches 'motions all mixed up in his head. Is hard figures out what he feels when he lookeded at me. Warchief though, stills mad a bit buts betters cause nows spirits helpings the Bonesclaw again.

Whens we leave Warchief, poppa put his hand on back of my neck to leads me way. We wents outside of Bonesclaw to the valley area. Closer we gots there, he grabbed tighters and tighters. Donts think this pose to be nice meeting.

"Poppa, you hurtings me." I tries wiggling outs of his grip, buts poppa always was strong.

"I don't understand what I should do with you, Vina. I try a firm hand, you regress. I try praise, you rebel more. Now I am getting stories of you doing things that aren't exactly... even you. I am not going to have our family honor taken down by someone who won't even grow the hell up!"

I was eatings dirt then whens he pusheded me way, coulds feel the rocks and dirts cuts my arms and legs as I slideded some downs the side of the hill. I coulds feel him now. Angrys, nervous, and.... scareded. It hurted whens I gots up, and looks at him. "Poppa, I fixeded it all! Is all betters! And nows I has mate to help. And Nanaman helps learn me betters. I evens a Reaver now!"

I hits the dirt again, spittings blood on the ground afters poppa hits me. "Why would the Reavers want a child like you? You are no warrior like I tried to make you. You chase after imaginary things. You can't even grasp a real thought in that thick head of yours! You're a waste, Vina!" It gots hard to breath when he kickeded my side. "Everything you've touched has gone to hell, Vina." Afters he punch me agains, I just sees black.

Another punch was heading for her once more when her hand snagged his fist, wickedly twisting it til a harsh crack was heard. He dropped to his knees as she rose to her feet, still holding his fist, and wrapping his arm back behind his body in a painful hold to keep him immobile. It was then he noticed the black eyes focused on him. "Now, lets have a talk, old man, shall we? First off, you ever lay a hand on this body again, and I will rip your still beating heart from your chest and shove it up that tight ass. Maybe the pressure will get me a diamond. Second, you need to give the girl a bit more respect. Her and that witless husband person of hers are going to give me a life if it kills one of them. Maybe even both of them. Finally, breathe a word of what happened here, and I swear, your son's soul will never see peace ever." A hard kick and yank sent him down tumbling down the side of the hill with a broken wrist and dislocated shoulder as well as a few creepers chasing after. The entity rubbed its jaw, a wince of pain. "I'll never understand humanity. They sanctify life yet have no qualms trying to kill one another." It turned, leaving the man to fight off the creepers at a disadvantage and started back for South Burb.


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((Love the posts as always....now the question would be, is Vina gonna get pissed when Nimo has a "talk" with pops ;)

"We all have two wolves inside us, which one will you feed?"


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Chaos was our goal, reavers have had a few children to Vina's defense.  Good read, reminds me of aiids story with the split personality.


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